Top 8 Samsung Bada Guitar Apps

Hey guitar lovers, here are some of the best Samsung Bada guitar apps. These are specially made for the entire guitarists as here users can find some of the beast tuners. As it is not possible for the guitarist to carry guitar everywhere, so these apps can actually fill that gap of your guitar. So in this world of technology, now you can carry your guitar everywhere as you can carry Samsung Bada Guitar Apps everywhere. So install the following apps, and your guitar will be with you everywhere.

Top Samsung Bada Guitar Apps

1. Harmony Guitar

Here again a great app for Samsung Bada users. Select the code that you want from the code list and when it is selected you can push the code, guide and hear the code in advance. If you want to get the code in a blank slot, for that you just have to drag it. This app is very easy to use, so now your favorite tunes are just a click away. Its FREE PLAY let you to perform whatever you want to play. It has around 10.48MB size and requires Bada 2.

download Harmony Guitar for bada

To download Harmony Guitar for bada visit

2. Guitar Tuner

Like without beautiful lyrics, song will be complete and in the same case like without better Tuner, it won’t be going to work. So here is a better Guitar tuner for all the Samsung Bada users. It requires Bada 2 to download it in your phone. It requires 1.27 MB size. It allows you to select a string and even if you don’t know which notes to tune then a graphical guitar will be also displayed.

download Guitar Tuner for bada

To download Guitar Tuner for bada visit

3. Guitar Chords

Now get a habit of using more than 50 chords with your fingerings on the fretboard. This application is very easy to use even for the beginners. 7th and 9th are the major and minor chords. In this C, D, C#/ Db, and D#/ Eb are different notes included in this app. It has different chords like Maj 7 and Min 7. One of the amazing features that you can easily revise is your musical notes. Most importantly it is a free application. One of the major drawbacks of the app is that it might not be useful to a large section of the users.

download Guitar Chords for bada

To download Guitar Chords for bada visit

4. GuitaRing

This is one of the useful apps for all the beginners and guitar lovers as this application consists of two parts. The first is known as Guitar tuner in which the user can easily use it. It provides 6 open string notes to users that can be played at a regular interval of time. Another part is Guitar chords, it provides the position as well as the sound of guitar chords. Any time the user can look for his favorite chords.

download GuitaRing for bada

To download GuitaRing for bada visit

5. Touch Guitar

It shows how to play the guitars. Along with the guitar lovers, the beginners will fall in love with this app as it easily carry 16 bit high quality sounds, along with great loading speed. It requires Bada 1 and 7.36 MB. It is shareware software.

download Touch Guitar for bada

To download Touch Guitar for bada visit

6. Mobile Air Guitar

Want to be the rock guitarist, so here you have an app called Mobile Air Guitar especially for you. The main feature of it is digitally recorded guitar riffs, which let you rock anytime and anywhere. Here you have a wide variety of options like do amazing finger tapping, and lots more. Even you can rock your neighborhood by connecting it with external speaker. So get ready for a rocking life through this app. It requires 1.77 MB size and Bada 1 OS.

download Mobile Air Guitar for bada

To download Mobile Air Guitar for bada visit

7. Easy Guitar Tuner

As the name suggests, it is very easy to use. It is basically used to show the pitch of notes played. Its accuracy is also mind blowing. It is a free app that requires 0.90MB size and requires Bada 2 OS. In this, you have the option to repeat the tone. Its repeat tone property is very useful for the beginners as by repeating the tone you can move your guitar keys till you find the sound of the picked string is similar to the tone played in loop.

download Easy Guitar Tuner for bada

To download Easy Guitar Tuner for bada visit

8. Chromatic Tuner Free

It is a free app that requires 0.56MB size and Bada 1.2 OS. The main function of this app is to tune your instruments. It will let you tune to the perfect pitch. It is one of the useful and easy apps to use. Its needle show on which key you are and which direction you need to tune. It makes you learn how to control your notation.

download Chromatic Tuner Free for bada

To download Chromatic Tuner Free for bada visit

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