Opera Mini vs Bolt browser on Samsung Wave

With the Bada platform emerging into the scene like a racing car from a blind turn, the war between the apps for the same has also risen to new standards.  Developers all around the world are giving their all to come up with the best Samsung bada apps. Opera Mini is one of the most trusted browsers for mobile devices and has already built a reputation in the market. The bolt browser however features some classic functionality and is one of the closest and toughest competitors of the Opera Mini. Here is exactly what has made these browsers just so popular as they are and a comparison table as to which one of them is better suited according to a common man’s need

Bolt Browser 2 on Samsung bada Bolt Browser 2 running on Samsung Wave Bolt Browser  vs opera browser

An important factor in the choice of browser for your phone is the platform required for running the browser. While we all know the Opera Mini runs on the actual Bada platform. The bolt browser uses the Java MIDP built for the same. As far as the speed and traffic cost of the browsers are concerned the Opera Mini beats the bolt browser by some margin.  While the bbc.com took only 4.5secs to load on the Opera Mini, it took a whooping 7.8secs to load on the Bolt browser. Also if you like keeping bookmarks and marking favorites, then the bolt seems to be a better option. The Opera provides bookmarking features on the menu however the Bolt browser has the same on the front page and that certainly makes the usage pretty simple. As far as the password and cookie management is concerned the bolt does lag behind the Opera browser big time. The Opera provides possibility of saving the password and keeping the cookies .Downloading and Uploading contents on the opera browser is as simple as cutting butter with a cheese knife, as there is a separate window for the Downloaded content which has options for playing the files directly and opening in the directory. The bolt however lacks of the same.

Opera Mini 5 on samsung bada

Page rendering is the best in the Opera Mini browser but the bolt too is not too far behind. Bolt 2 tries to render pages in a way that is as true as possible. The zoom of the opera is double tap and restricted however that of the bolt is pinch and hence much better. The select copy and paste in the browsers can sometimes become a useful issue in the browsers the Opera does seems to be having a better select  copy and paste feature since the copy and paste feature depends on the long tap at the screen. However on a personal front I like the Bolt browsers copy paste feature as it simple and easily accessible.

Here is a comparison table of the same so that you can have a clear view of the winner.

Features Opera Mini 5 Bolt Browser 2
Platform Support ****1/2 ****
Bookmark Management **** ***
Password Management **** ***1/2
Download and Upload Management **** ***1/3
Speed and Traffic cost ***** ***1/2
Copy and Paste Text **** ****
Page Rendering **** ***
Settings **** ****1/3
Overall ****3/4 ***3/4

Opera Mini Browser on Samsung Wave/Wave II (Demo on s8530):

Bolt Browser on Samsung Wave/Wave II (Demo on s8530)

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