Best free games for Samsung Bada Phones

Best Free Samsung bada games

With the Samsung app store expanding almost weekly, thus there seems to be a necessity to discover the best free games available for your Bada phone. There are quite a lot of existing games; some are reasonably good while the others are not even worth trying. So, on the whole, it becomes necessary to have a list of the best free games available for you. So, go ahead and enjoy the top 5 list of the free games for your Bada handset.

1. Mr. Dork

Mr.Dork for Samsung Bada Phone

Mr. Dork is one of the best games which you should try out on your Bada phone. The objective of the game is to guide Mr. Dork to its goal by avoiding obstacles and floating objects and drawing its path along the way.


  • Very enjoyable and fun-filled.
  • Adventurous gameplay.
  • User interaction is more.
  • Players stay focused in the game even for long hours.
  • Very simple interface design.
  • Creative art is at its peak.


  • Some levels are too difficult.
  • The game may turn out to be too addictive.
  • The size of the game is 56.06 MB which is very large.

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2. Asphalt 5

Asphalt 5 Game for Samung Bada Phones

Among the racing games, Asphalt 5 is the most happening game around. Try out races and unlock new cars and tracks. The races are full of adventure and effects. Asphalt 5 comes free pre-installed only with Samsung wave (S8500).


  • The game comes with HD graphics.
  • Amazing animations are included.
  • Quite a sensational list of cars are there, which include cars from the manufacturers Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati and Audi.
  • The races are filled with a lot of hidden shortcuts which you may discover during the gameplay, thus adding more to your enthusiasm.
  • Superb control.
  • Available in more than one language.
  • Lots of options to choose from.


  • The app size is huge, about 117.33 MB
  • A memory card is required for this app on your Wave phone.

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3. Thumpies

Thumpies Game for Samsung Bada Phones

This is a game based on rhythm and you are required to match the beats when the Thumpies bounce on the base. By doing so in constant timing, the Thump’o’meter will increase and you shall advance to the next level.


  • Greatly musical and appealing to the senses.
  • Quite dynamic and vibrant.
  • The music is sensational.
  • Quite easy and simple.
  • An innovative concept.


  • The levels seem to get tougher when more than one Thumpies are bouncing.
  • Very addictive.
  • The size of the app is 33.2 MB which is quite large.

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4. Slice-It

Slice-It Game for Samsung Bada Phones

This game is truly sensational and is fun playing. The objective of the Slice-It game is to divide the shape and figures shown to you into parts specified and by using a given no. of lines. Quite challenging and dynamic!


  • Quite challenging.
  • Very appealing looks and interface.
  • Simple to use.
  • Background music fits the game interface well.
  • Best way to pass time.
  • Improves your concept on geometry and shapes.


  • Addictive.
  • Gets very challenging sometimes.

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5. Bang!

Bang Game for Samsung Bada Phones

This is a card game and is very popular among the West. The Bang game has got 5 different players and it can be played as a single player or as a pass-by multiplayer one. It surely is going to appeal to your senses.


  • The game is simple and interesting.
  • The graphics and music is sensational.
  • The update is worth noting.


  • The game is of quite a large size of 24.94 MB.

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A comparative table of the ratings of the individual game and their overall rating are shown below.

Size and Criteria of rating Games
Mr. Dork Asphalt 5 Thumpies Slice-It Bang!
Size 56.06 MB 117.33 MB 33.2 MB 3.2 MB 24.94 MB
Interface design (out of 10) 10 9 9 8 9
Usability (out 0f 10) 9 8 9 9 9
Price (out of 10) 10 9 10 9 10
Graphics (out of 10) 9 10 10 6 9
Overall rating (out of 5 stars) ***** **** ½ **** ½ **** **** ½

Go ahead and read the individual game reviews to get more information on these games, or simply download these on your Bada phone now.

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