Best free Apps for Samsung Bada Phones

Best Free Samsung bada apps

You must have gone through the individual app reviews of the list of amazing apps available for your Samsung Bada phone from the Samsung App Store. But, these apps which have been reviewed have been rated as stand-alone apps, and have not been compared with others so as to whether the app will prove to be more beneficial than the other one. So, here is a list among the ones reviewed, of the top 5 useful and efficient apps available for use by the Bada phone owners from the ever-expanding Samsung App Store.

1. ColorTorch

ColorTouch App - Top Free samsung bada app

This app is one of the best apps available for use, especially by the photo-editing addicts. The app is to provide only one feature, but which is not present in most other photo-editing apps available, and that is the partial colorizing effect. Thus, the app can be used in combination of the other existing photo-editing apps.


  • The size of the app is 0.79 MB, which is rather small and compact.
  • The app provides partial colorizing effect which normal image editing apps fail to provide.
  • The app is an added feature to the existing image editing apps.


  • The app has got the scope of being developed into one complete image editing app featured with all features and possibilities.
  • The app is limited in feature and application.
  • The use of fingers for the partial colorizing effect is a bit wobbly.
  • The targeting of a region for the effect is rather difficult to pin-point.
  • The minimum area to have partial colorizing effect is restricted to the size of your finger-tip.

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2. Notepad

Notepad App

All of us are aware and must have used at least once the desktop counterpart of this amazing and important little app. The Notepad is essential in your handset.


  • Very effective.
  • Similar to the desktop counterpart.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Size of the app is 0.25 MB, quite useful and space-efficient.


  • Functionality is limited.
  • There is scope of improvement, though it is not a necessity.
  • The app only enables you to store information in the form of text.

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3. Badapedia

BadaPedia App - Wikipedia for Samsung Bada Phones

Useful to the people of all ages and genres, the Badapedia is an app which shall enable you to search for anything and everything from the Wikipedia. All it requires is an internet connection in your handset, and you shall have the power of Wiki on your phone.


  • Power of Wikipedia in your Bada phone.
  • The app supports almost all languages you can think of.
  • Easy to use without the need for the browser.
  • Size of the app is 0.26 MB, thus being a compact one.


  • Will not function in the absence of the internet connection of poor internet facility.

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4. BadaSports

BadaSports App

The app is mainly meant for the adventurers and the sportsmen, but can even be used by the other people. The app is very useful and function-rich. Using the GPS connection, the app will be able to tell you about the speed of your sports activity like walking, running, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, roller skating, skate boarding, rowing, wheel chair and others.


  • Can be used from anywhere.
  • Is quite versatile and dynamic.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Can prove handy at times of stress and obesity.


  • The app is 1.12 MB in size, not too large, neither too small.
  • There is still a scope of improvement in the interface.

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5. Algebra

Algebra App - Starting Screen

This is an amazingly useful app and is a place-holder in your phone especially for students or even professionals requiring the use of mathematics in their field. The app lets you find sum of consecutive squares, sum of consecutive cubes, group work, arithmetic progression and geometric progression, sumo of two cubes, Fibonacci series, vector addition, vector subtraction and even vector multiplication and others.


  • Quite useful.
  • Very fast and effective.
  • Truly easy to use.
  • Small size of 0.58 MB saves a lot of memory space.


  • Directly gives the result, does not include stepwise calculations.
  • The app is good for verifying results, and not for learning.

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A comparative table of the ratings of the individual game and their overall rating is shown below.

Size and Criteria of rating Apps
ColorTouch Notepad Badapedia BadaSPorts Algebra
Size 0.79 MB 0.25 MB 0.26 MB 1.12 MB 0.58 MB
Interface design (out of 10) 9 8 9 8 8
Usability (out 0f 10) 9 9 7 9 8
Price (out of 10) 8 9 9 9 9
Graphics (out of 10) 9 8 9 9 6
Overall rating (out of 5 stars) **** ½ **** **** ½ **** ½ ****

Go ahead and read the individual app reviews to get more information on these apps, or simply download these on your Bada phone now.

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