Best 5 Free Themes for Samsung Wave Phones

Best Free Samsung Wave Themes

With the availability of so many themes from the Samsung App Store for your Bada handsets, it might become difficult selecting the ones which are worth downloading and applying, and even avoiding some which are not worth the effort. Thus, a top 5 comparison becomes somewhere necessary. So, here is a list of the top 5 themes which you may try for your Bada handset from the Samsung App Store.

1. Blue Wave

Blue Wave Theme

This seems to be one of the best themes available for your handset. Visually appealing and attractive, the usage of colors and shades make the appearance of the handset sensuous. Moreover, the icons used are quite applicable and realistic.


  • The theme uses a blue shady and striking background which is amazing.
  • The icons have been assigned meaningful images.
  • Apart from that, the images for the icons are quite unique and life-like.
  • The theme makes the appearance of your menu more organized.
  • The size of the theme is only 2.08 MB which is quite less.


  • Some scope of improvement is there for the background appearance.

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2. Nature Theme

Nature Theme Wave

The theme is accompanied by a message of protection of Nature so that we may preserve its beauty and divine elegance amidst us. The background provided is colorful and artistic, while the icons are all some images related to Nature.


  • The theme is well meant and suits its purpose.
  • The appearance of the theme is pretty good and spreads a nice message.
  • The images of the icons are quite beautiful and interesting.
  • Nature-friendly colors have made the theme more realistic.


  • The size of the app is 4.04 MB, which is comparatively much higher as compared to other themes available.
  • The iconic images are not relevant to the meaning and purpose of those icons, so it may be difficult to find the apps initially.

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3. WoW theme

WoW Theme [Nu Skin]

This is a theme based on the World of Warcraft, a PC based game which is quite popular. Specially made for the game lovers, the theme uses explicitly designed background which is very richly-made. Even the icons are also some images related to the game.


  • Very appealing visually.
  • Use of rich texture and colors.
  • The concept and design is unique and innovative.


  • Icons are a bit confusing, so there is scope of improvement in this regard.
  • Size of the theme is 3.28 MB.

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4. D-Wave Theme

D-Wave Theme

This theme seems to a peace-loving one and shall be applicable only when you need to relax yourself. The theme uses mood-specific colors, and makes the appearance of the handset very relaxing and soft.


  • Size of the theme is 2.18 MB, which is comparatively lesser.
  • Supports almost all major languages you can think of.
  • Uses sober and light colors to suit relaxing mood.
  • Refreshes the mind by looking at the screen of your phone.


  • Is not meant to be used as a theme for all moods and times.
  • Gets a bit boring after using for some time.
  • Is not that graphically detailed as it should have been, compared to the other themes available in the Samsung App Store.

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5. Speed Theme

Speed Theme

This theme is based on the concept of cars and speed. The icons use some images baed on cars, and even the background includes parts of cars. The theme is innovative in concept and design, and seems to be a nice try.


  • The theme is only 2.33 MB which is comparatively less.
  • The theme is appealing to the lovers of cars.
  • The theme uses images of cars in place of icons for apps.
  • Innovative concept.


  • The theme will be liked by only a small section of users who are lovers of cars.
  • Not made appealing even by the use of variety of colors.

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Size and Criteria of rating Themes
Blue Wave Nature Theme WoW Theme D-Wave Theme Speed Theme
Size 2.08 MB 4.04 MB 3.28 MB 2.18 MB 2.33 MB
Interface design (out of 10) 10 9 8 8 5
Usability (out 0f 10) 10 9 6 5 6
Price (out of 10) 10 9 9 6 7
Graphics (out of 10) 9 9 9 7 7
Overall rating (out of 5 stars) ***** **** ½ *** ½ *** ***

So, there you have a list of the top 5 themes which you must try on your handset. For detailed reviews, refer to the individual reviews of the themes.

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