How to use Music Recognition on Samsung Wave Phones?

The Samsung Wave GT S8500 handset is truly amazing when it comes to the genre of music play and recording. The handset is fully packed with features for this purpose and is self-sufficient with this respect. The Samsung Wave handset is capable of supporting a memory card of up to 32 GB, thus making the handset space sufficient for the storing of movies, music, videos and loads of other useful and entertaining stuffs. When you purchase the handset, you shall get a 2 GB memory card along with the handset for free.

The music player which is accompanied by the Samsung Wave handset is quite a nice and interesting one. The player is very dynamic and is packed with a lot of amazing features. Many of these features are similar to that found in the Windows Media player for the PC. One of the interesting features is that of music recognition. The handset offers this feature to be used with the presence of an internet connection.

Playing music to be recognized Playing music

The basic working of the music recognition feature of the music player accompanied by the Samsung Wave is fairly simple and attractive. There is a server which is located somewhere in the internet. Your phone shall send a recorded clip of the music file for which you want to perform music recognition to the server via the internet connection. Now, the server shall reply with the details of the song if a suitable match is found at the server. You shall get details as the name of the song, the genre, the artist and so on. Below is a step by step guide as to how to perform music recognition on your Samsung Wave handset.

1. Firstly, you need to go to the main menu and select the music player.

Samsung Wave Music Recognition Feature

2. When the music player is on, scroll down the list of songs to identify which music file you want to perform music recognition for.

Samsung Wave music Player

3. After you select the music file for playing, the music player interface shows up in front of you.

Open options: click on Music Recognition

4. Now you need to select the options at the bottom of the screen.

5. At the menu displayed, select “music recognition”.

Press the record icon to identify music Select Data profile to send sample to data server Music recognition help

6. The screen is navigated to a new window where you there shall be a list of the already recognized music files from your handset and at the top, you shall find a red circle button where it says that you need to tap to record a clip of the music file. Click on that button. You should set the profile settings of your connection.

10 second wait time for sampling of recorded music

7. Then, it will start sampling a clip for about 10 seconds. You can even stop the sampling before 10 seconds by clicking the same button again.

Music recognition requires to access internet which may cost you data charge

8. After this, you shall see a popup asking you to confirm that the connection to the server is to be established and that you shall be charged for that. You need to press the “Yes” button.

Now, the connection will be established and the phone will be waiting for response from the server about the details of the music file.

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