How to Download and Read e-books on your Bada phone?

The Samsung Wave handset is an all-in-one performer. It can act as your personal entertainment system providing facilities for music, videos, gaming, photography and loads of other interesting stuffs. Moreover, the next most appealing thing about the Samsung Wave is the Samsung App Store which is ever-expanding and even the pace of growth is reasonably well.

To download and read e-books on your Samsung Wave, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the main menu. You need to first download the e-book in order to read it. The place where you may find e-books for download is your very own Samsung App Store.
  2. Click on the Samsung App Store icon. The Apps list appears.
  3. On the top bar, you shall find the tab list. Click on the Category Tab. This shall open a window wherein you will find the different categories available for you to browse and see for download.

    Category wise View of Samsung app store

  4. Browse for the e-book section. Once you shall find it, you need to click on it.
  5. The e-book window opens in your phone. You will find the different e-books available for download on your handset displayed as a list of icons. Browse through the list to select the e-book you want to find out about.

    List of eBooks in Samsung app store Free eBooks in Samsung app store

  6. Click on the e-book icon you select for viewing the details. The details of the e-book will be displayed in front of you. Go through the same. If you are not interested in downloading that e-book, then you may very well click on the “Back” button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

    Selected eBook TraitsAtWork to download

  7. If you are interested to get the e-book on your handset, then you may click on the “Get” button displayed at the top of the details window, if you are viewing the free e-book. If you are viewing the paid e-book, you need to click on the “Buy” button displayed at the top of the details window.
  8. Once the download starts, you will find the icon of the e-book appears at the main menu of your handset, and is shown in the state of downloading. To pause the download, you may click on the icon once. To start the download again, you click on the icon on the screen again.

    eBook download in progress

  9. Once the download is complete, you may click on the icon to open the e-book. The e-book reader interface provided with the Bada handset is simply sensational, and allows for quite a large number of features to provide easy reading.

    Read Downloaded eBook page by page

    You may bookmark pages, click to zoom in or out, or even read in landscape or portrait mode. Moreover, the e-book will also pause at the point where you stop reading and close the e-book. The next time you open the e-book, you will find that the e-book opens at that very place where you left reading the previous time you stopped reading. This facilitates reading to a great extent.

Thus, you have the steps to download and read e-books on your Bada handset.

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