How to control your desktop from Samsung Wave phone?

To control your PC desktop remotely from your Bada handset, the Remote Desktop app available to you from the Samsung App Store is an amazing thing to use. It is simple and sophisticated. A detailed step by step guide is provided here so as to explain the technique of setting up the server so that the Remote Desktop app on your Bada handset may connect to your desktop, thereby enabling you to control it.

Before you may control your desktop remotely from your handset, you need to download and install the RemoteDesktopServer on your PC. To do so, follow the steps below.

1. Go to and click on the link RemoteDesktopServerSetup105.exe. The download of the setup starts.

2. After the setup is downloaded, you need to install the setup. Double click on the setup to run.

Start Remote Desktop Server Setup

3. You will be shown the Welcome screen. Click on the next button.

Choose Destination folder for installation

4. Now, you need to choose the install location. Click on the Browse button to select the destination where you want to install the setup, or just click on the Next button to continue.

Choose start menu folder

5. Now, you need to choose a Start Menu Folder. After doing so, click on the Install button. After the installation is complete, you shall click on the Next button.

Installation complete

6. Now, the completed window will be shown. You can check the box to start the application on finish. Just click on the Finish button.

Start the remote desktop server application

The application will be running. You will be shown the window with the IP address of the server on your PC. This is the IP address which the phone will connect to for enabling access to the desktop. There is a check box shown at the bottom of the window for auto-start of the application with Windows. Check the box for auto-start. Also, you must ensure that the port TCP: 8899 should be opened on your PC if any firewall is installed.

Showing IP Address of Computer running Remote Desktop Server

Now, after you have performed the above steps, you may remotely access the desktop by the following method:

1. Run the RemoteDesktopServer on your PC.

2. If you are connecting via a Wi-Fi connection, then the Wi-Fi must be switched on in your handset.

3. Now, you need to run the Remote Desktop app on your phone. At the place where they ask for the IP address of the server, you need to enter the IP address shown to you on your PC.

Remote desktop App for Samsung Wave Phones

4. Click on the Connect button.

5. Now, you may select the layouts which you want to use and then click on the Run button.

Select Control layout

Thus, you may be able to now see the desktop of your PC on your phone. You can control via the phone. For switching between layouts, you have to use the Camera button. You may even press the Camera button for long to go back to the main screen. For moving the screen of your desktop on your phone, you shall be required to move your finger on the screen of your handset. You may zoom in or out by the pinch to zoom facility.

Remote Desktop server running on pc computer
Controling media player on pc with Remote Desktop app

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