Problem Solved: DNS Failed error on Wi-Fi

We have found that many Samsung Bada phone users are experiencing ‘dns failed’ error while using web browser with Wi-Fi connection. It has come to know that this problem arise after firmware upgrade of Bada OS.  This problem is common among Wave 575(S5750), S8530, Wave 723(S7230), Wave 533(S5330), Wave 525(S5250) and S8500 handsets.

DNS Problems on Bada Phones:

One of the common problem is, user are able to detect the WIFI router but are not able to access it. Sometimes users are able to connect to the router, but when try to access Internet, get error of ‘DNS Failed’.

How to Solve Wi-Fi issue?

You can try these options. Please follow step by step instructions on your phone.

A. Reset Wi-Fi:

  1. Delete all the configured wireless connections.Settings-> Connectivity -> Wi-Fi -> Select Network
  2. Click on Forget
  3. Do this for all your connections
  4. Now Enable Wi-Fi again. And connect to router.

B. Using Static IP Address:

  1. Settings-> Connectivity -> Wi-Fi -> Select Network
  2. Make sure to disconnect the network if connected.
  3. Now open the network,
  4. Select Static IP
  5. Now you can assign IP Address
  6. Here are default ips (It may vary according to your router)
    IP : or
    Subnet Mask :
    Default Gateway : or
    DNS: any two of these => 


Screenshots Showing Steps:


Settings-> Connectivity

Select Network

Settings-> Connectivity -> Wi-Fi -> Select Network

Select Static IP

Tap on Dynamic IP to Select Static IP

Assign Static IP

Assign Static IP, Default Gateway and DNS

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