Stone Age Theme

Stone Age Theme for Samsung Wave

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Have you wanted to experience the Stone Age? If you have, then it seems that your wish shall be granted. Thanks to the Bada handset and the Stone Age theme now available for the Bada phone. The Stone Age theme is grey and seems to be a nice theme to try out (though it may not be as appealing as it sounds from its name!!).

Price: Free

Download this Theme: Stone Age Theme for Samsung Wave and Wave II

Supported Phones: Wave(S8500), Wave II(S8530)

Stone Age Theme – Samsung Wave Theme Review:

Pros & Cons:


  • Innovative concept.
  • Appropriate usage of stone hues and shades.
  • The size of the theme is 1.96 MB.


  • Quite boring and monotonous.
  • Disappoints when it comes to looks.
  • The images used for icons in the main menu are all grey.
  • Makes the usage of the handset a little difficult.
  • The Super AMOLED screen does not deserve this theme.
  • Has got a great scope of improvement and correction.


The theme has got a nice background, and the icons of the menu are all grey. This fact actually makes the handset less productive because it decreases the ease of usage of the handset because of its dim and muted shades. It actually seems to represent a gloomy look and an insipid feeling. Thus, it seems to be not a recommended theme.


Stone Age Theme – Samsung Wave Theme Ratings:

Interface design:

The theme provides a boring and monotonous interface design which shall greatly disappoint the users who wish to try out this theme. The theme makes the appearance of the handset not appealing. Thus, the theme shall be given a rating of 5 out of 10 in this regard.


The usability of the theme shall, as usual, be guided by the ease which the theme provides in the use of the handset. Well, this theme scores miserably as because the menu icons are all grey and thus difficult to distinguish from each other, unless you are color blind. So, the theme shall be given a score of 4 out of 10 in this regard.


In terms of graphics, the theme does not score well either because of the use of dull and dark hues and shades, which make the theme very dreary. This lackluster theme seems to be both unexciting and tedious from this genre point of view. So, the theme shall be provided a score of 5 out of 10 in this regard.


The theme is available for free, and the name of the theme shall make users expect a lot from this theme. But, it disappoints the user. So, this theme shall be given a rating of 6 out of 10 in this regard.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, the theme might be tried by you just to experiment, but I am sure that the theme has got scope of improvement and requires some corrective measures as well. So, an overall score of 2.5 stars out of 5 seems apt.


(2.5 stars out of 5)

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