Gorgeous Green Theme

Gorgeous Green Theme for Samsung Wave

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From the name of the theme, you might be wondering that how gorgeous the gorgeous green theme can be. Well friends, let me tell you the truth that the gorgeous green is one theme which you will definitely like to keep as an optional theme for your Samsung Bada handset.

Price: Free

Download this Theme: Gorgeous Green Theme for Samsung Wave and Wave II

Supported Phones: Wave(S8500), Wave II(S8530)

Gorgeous Green Theme – Samsung Wave Theme Review

Pros & Cons:


  • The theme is attractive.
  • The theme is bright and seems to be energetic.
  • The theme definitely changes the outlook of the handset.
  • The menu icons are very sensuous.


  • There seems to be some scope of improvement in terms of interface design, though the theme is very nice and attractive.


Do you remember we had reviewed a theme called the Blue Wave? Believe it or not, this theme is very similar to that, not in terms of appearance, but in terms of appeal to the senses of the user. The theme is wonderful and pretty, and is definitely pleasing to the individual users. The theme seems to be generating some kind of energy into your life, looking at the appearance of it.



  • The theme is mainly meant for those looking for attractive and energetic themes.

Gorgeous Green Theme – Samsung Wave Theme Ratings

Interface design:

In terms of interface design, the theme seems to score well because of the provision of having a sensuous and attractive background. This alluring theme is sure to keep a permanent place in your handset and is sure to appeal to all genres of users. So, a score of 9 out of 10 seems to be deserved by the theme in this regard.


For themes, the score for usability is determined in terms of how easy it becomes using the features of the phone when this theme has been applied. So, this theme is totally justified for getting a score of 9 ½ out of 10 in this regard as because the menu icons provided by the theme is surely meaningful and simple, yet carries a touch of professionalism in them.


In the terms of price, the theme is very striking as because it is available for free and so all genres of users may try this wonderful theme. A score of 9 out of 10 seems perfect for the theme in this category.


As you have already made out about the appearance of the theme, the theme is provided with awesome graphics and charming mien. The colors and hues used in the theme seem to be creating an air of pleasure and bliss in the mind of the user. So, a score of 10 out of 10 seems to be perfect for the theme in this regard.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, the theme seems to deserve a special recommendation from us and is a must try for all users owning a Bada handset. An overall score of 4.6 stars out of 5 seems perfect for the theme.


(4.6 out of 5)

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