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How to Backup wave phone without cable?

Posted at 4:39 am June 8, 2013
How to Backup wave phone without cable?Backing up your computer is necessary…if you really value your personal stuff and data on the computer and mobile device. For PC users and Smartphone users, backup is necessary but often ignored. Backup is the activity of copying files or database to preserve them in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. Backing up computer or mobile data is one of the most important things that you can do to protect all the information you have stored on your computer, laptop and mobile data. Backup protects you from all inevitable crashes like hardware failures, viruses, theft, accidental deletion, fires, floods and other disasters. Generally, to get mobile data backup on your computer, you have to connect data cable. But with the advent of Wi-Fi connectivity, you can backup data without cable. There is good news for Bada users as they can backup Wave phone without connecting cable to PC. They just need Samsung Kies on their PC and internet connectivity on their mobile phone. Bada is an operating system of Samsung Wave series, which supports less application than Android OS. The future of Bada is not bright that’s why Samsung has not launched application for it. Now users of Samsung Wave can use their mobile phone as Wi-Fi hotspot and backup their data on PC. Samsung Kies play a very important role to Backup Wave phone. Samsung Wave comes with the “Kies via Wi-Fi” feature that becomes helpful to turn your Samsung Wave into a wireless router. Continue Reading »

WhatsApp is still missing in Samsung Bada Apps’ Download list

Posted at 11:10 am May 16, 2013
WhatsApp is still missing in Samsung Bada Apps’ Download listDays of free and affordable chatting are gone…as the cost of the SMS tariff has been increased gradually due to the inflation. But friends, smart man still enjoy free chat on their mobile with Whatsapp Application which is supported in Android, BlackBerry, Window, Nokia Symbian60 & S40 and iPhone. It is the most popular and featurable apps among the young generation. It is a social media app that can be used to chat with other member of WhatsApp. Unfortunate, this outstanding application is still missing in Bada Apps Download list. Compared to Android OS, there are few good applications available for BADA OS. But do you know that Bada users are again starting “campaign” for WhatsApp application. If you are users of BADA OS and really want Whatsapp application on your handset, then you should convince developers to develop WhatsApp for Bada. Continue Reading »

How to control your desktop from Samsung Wave phone?

Posted at 11:20 am February 14, 2011
How to control your desktop from Samsung Wave phone?To control your PC desktop remotely from your Bada handset, the Remote Desktop app available to you from the Samsung App Store is an amazing thing to use. It is simple and sophisticated. A detailed step by step guide is provided here so as to explain the technique of setting up the server so that the Remote Desktop app on your Bada handset may connect to your desktop, thereby enabling you to control it. Continue Reading »

Samsung Wave GT-S8500 Vs Wave II GT-S8530: Comparison

Posted at 10:15 am February 9, 2011
Samsung Wave GT-S8500 Vs Wave II GT-S8530: ComparisonWith the Samsung Wave 2 released of around the same price as that of its predecessor, the Samsung Wave, there seems to be an implied comparative study going on between the two to determine whether the former was better or the latter is. Continue Reading »

Samsung Wave II GT-S8530 Review

Posted at 8:55 am
Samsung Wave II GT-S8530 Review With the advent of some great handsets from Samsung featuring the Bada platform, the Samsung wave 2 i.e. Samsung S8530 is sure to catch the eyes of the people. Accompanied by the looks similar to that of the original Samsung Wave S8500, the handset is being accompanied by the updated version of the Bada platform, which is a plus point. Moreover, the features and specifications seem a bit appealing, but not more than the Samsung Wave S8500 handset. Let us have a brief review of the features and specifications of the handset. Continue Reading »

How to use Music Recognition on Samsung Wave Phones?

Posted at 12:22 pm February 3, 2011
How to use Music Recognition on Samsung Wave Phones?The Samsung Wave GT S8500 handset is truly amazing when it comes to the genre of music play and recording. The handset is fully packed with features for this purpose and is self-sufficient with this respect. The Samsung Wave handset is capable of supporting a memory card of up to 32 GB, thus making the handset space sufficient for the storing of movies, music, videos and loads of other useful and entertaining stuffs. When you purchase the handset, you shall get a 2 GB memory card along with the handset for free. Continue Reading »

Samsung Wave s8500/s8530: Hidden Secret Codes in Bada Phones

Posted at 10:06 am January 29, 2011
Samsung Wave s8500/s8530: Hidden Secret Codes in Bada PhonesHere are some codes for Samsung Wave s8500 and Samsung Wave II s8530 phones. These codes provide many interesting information to users and also unlock some hidden functions aimed only for technically professional persons. We can call them as “Samsung Wave Secret Codes” or “Samsung Wave Hacks”. Continue Reading »