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How to block company calls in Samsung Bada?

Posted at 9:57 am July 15, 2013
How to block company calls in Samsung Bada?Unwanted call irritates people when they are busy in some important work or in deep sleep. Most modern smartphones have special control features. Now, Bada users can also create reject list of unwanted call. Setting call restriction, you will not get any calls from block listed number until you change the setting back to normal. Now, you can make your Bada phone free from unwanted sales & marketing calls, malicious calls, stop unwanted texts and texts to speech call by using in-built auto reject feature. No need of downloading any application to block calls on bada. You just need to follow below steps to block company call in Samsung bada. Auto reject feature is supported in all bada phones, so give at least one try. Steps to stop unwanted call in BADA phone: To take advantage of auto reject feature, open setting menu. In this you can set many features of the phone, but you have to open call setting for auto reject feature. Continue Reading »

Problem Solved: DNS Failed error on Wi-Fi

Posted at 5:39 am January 23, 2011
Problem Solved: DNS Failed error on Wi-FiWe have found that many Samsung Bada phone users are experiencing ‘dns failed’ error while using web browser with Wi-Fi connection. It has come to know that this problem arise after firmware upgrade of Bada OS. ¬†This problem is common among¬†Wave 575(S5750), S8530, Wave 723(S7230), Wave 533(S5330), Wave 525(S5250) and S8500 handsets. Continue Reading »