Samsung Wave s8500 Camera – Photos, Video Samples & Review

Samsung Wave 8500 Camera Review

The Samsung Wave S8500 is made price-efficient and noteworthy by its camera. The camera which comes with the handset is a 5 MP one, which can support a lot of attractive features and modes, and entail the people to capture each and every moment in their Wave handset. In terms of quality, the photos and videos are beyond words. Here is a quick review on the camera, photos and videos of the Samsung Wave S8500 handset.


Very decent and attractive.

The camera of the Samsung Wave handset is a 5 MP one, and shall accommodate a lot of features and tools for the purpose of taking images and videos. Let us talk about the different modes supported by the handset. Firstly, there is the “Scene” mode (SCN) which is the default mode for capturing pictures. There is a “portrait” mode which is used mainly for the taking of distinct pictures of people and faces. The “landscape” mode shall provide for infinite focusing and is mainly meant to be used for the capturing of distant scenery. The “night” mode is used for the capturing of the beautiful scenery at night time, and the requirement of this mode is that the camera is to be kept still while the taking of photograph.

Samsung Wave Scene modes - Portrait, Landscape, Night, Sports, Indoor etc

Moreover, there is the “Sports” mode which is mainly used for the capturing of fast moving objects such as the sports scenes. Believe me or not, this mode shall actually capture images with clarity and details. Next, there is the “Party/ Indoor” mode which is mainly used for capturing indoor scenes. The “Beach/ Snow” mode is used for the capturing of bright scenery like the beaches or snowscape. A special mode is there for capturing the sunset scenery called the “Sunset” mode. Accommodating the possibility of slow shuttering for the capturing of daybreak scenes, there is the “Dawn” mode. Even, provision has been made for capturing the colours of the season with the “Fall Colour” mode, which is mainly used for capturing trees and autumn leaves. This mode gives emphasis on the reds and greens.

Samsung Wave Camera Settings - Outdoor visibility, timer and resolution

Next, there is the “Fireworks” mode which is used for capturing flames, unlike most other handsets. The requirement here is that the camera is to be kept still. Now, the “Text” mode can be used for capturing images of documents and other texts and this mode shall increase the sharpness or contrast. One of the most attractive modes is the “Candlelight” mode which can be used for capturing the beautiful moments under the candlelight. Lastly, there is the “Against light” mode which is there for capturing scenes against light, to avoid shining of the photos and blurring.

Wave Camera Focus modes : Auto focus, Macro or Face Detection

Apart from this, there are a variety of shooting modes like the Single, Beauty, Smile Shot, Continuous, Panorama, and the Vintage. The camera also supports auto-focus and you can even set the focusing area by tap to focus property.

Samsung WAve Shooting Modes - Single, Beauty, Smile Shot, Continous, Panaroma or Vintage

Sample Photos are shown below: (Click on link to see original size photos)

Wave GT-8500 Camera Sample Samsung Wave Camera Sample 2
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Samsung S8500 Camera Sample 3 Samsung Wave S8500 Camera Sample 4
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Video Recorder/Camcorder:

Quite attractive, sound capturing and motion-detection.

Wave Video Rrecording Settings: White balance, Effects and Video Quality

The camcorder mode supports three recording modes as Normal, Limit for MMS, and the Slow Motion. Along with this, because of the availability of LED flash, the videos are truly worth mentioning about.

Samsung wave 8500 - Camcorder review

For the camcorder settings, you have the option of adjusting the white balance to auto, daylight, incandescent, fluorescent, or even cloudy. Some effects which you may apply to the videos while capturing them include Negative, Black and White, Sepia, and even water color. The quality of video capture can be even adjustable between normal, fine and super fine. You can even adjust the contrast, sharpness and saturation of the video to capture.

The videos which you shall take will be or resolutions as 1280 x 720, 720 x 480, 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 176 x 144. This is adjustable depending on your requirements. There is a mode of setting timer to automate the capturing of video for a specific duration of time. There is also provision for you to set the outdoor visibility on.

Samsung Wave HD Video Recording Sample :

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