Samsung Wave 525 MTV Edition: Now available in France

Samsung Wave 575 Mtv Phone

Ready France? France better get ready for Samsung is going all out to promote its Wave series of phones all around the world. And a new MTV edition of the Wave 575 might very well be headed their way. The phone is being promoted as a Web Phone with some really cool promotional media from MTV. There are several cool MTV embedded applications that come along with the phone as well.

Samsung Wave in France has already made a good impact and hence the company is focusing on the French market to establish its front in Europe. The MTV edition of the Wave might very well be the next big thing that happens in the low budget smartphone market of Europe. The phone as usual boasts of some absolutely stunning features that can the hats off your head and leave your eyes whistling.

Here are the technical specifications from the phone which are definitely worth some really raised eyebrows

  • Dimensions: 109 x 55 x 12 mm weighs around 100gms
  • Screen: 3.2 inch capacitive multi-touch display
  • Camera: 3.2 Mega pixel camera capable of geo-tagging, panorama and HD recording
  • Memory: 100 MB internal and External up to 16 GB
  • Battery: around 48 hours with full usage
  • Operating System: Samsung Bada 1.1
  • Network: 3G and WIFI capable

However the interesting thing about the phone is its looks Samsung has customized the looks of the phone to be synchronized with the look and feel of MTX the music channel. The colour and the contours are elegantly developed and would give the buyer a classy feel. The interface of the app has also been readjusted with the looks and feel of the MTV music channel and the music company is also giving away four applications totally exclusive with itself along with the phone.

Samsung Wave 575 Mtv - Specifications and review

Here is exactly what you get more than the hardware if you go for buying the special MTV edition of the Samsung Wave 575.

  • Exclusive MTV content
  • Bettered and MTV oriented user interface
  • 4 different interesting applications exclusive to MTV
  • Access to email and social networking
  • And many more MTV exclusive stuff

Personally I feel that the move made by the big heads at Samsung has a lot of strategic implications to it. For one the partnership will MTV will draw a lot of music crazy customers towards the device. Also, as a personal feeling, I used to not like both the exteriors and the user interface of the Wave 575 and that for sure is getting a much needed facelift. The phone is being made available for a price of 209.90 euros and is definitely aimed towards the young children of the country.

As far as India is concerned it is highly likely that this one hits the sub-continent as well but when and how is not really decipherable right now. However with the kind of market that MTV and Samsung have in our country it might not be very long before we see that happening.

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