Review: Dolphin Browser for Samsung wave phones

We all know that the Samsung Wave is the debut-maker for the Bada operating system by Samsung. Not only does this make the phone quite an interesting one to discover, but also the handset is provided with a lot of useful and interesting facets to talk about. One of them is the Internet accessibility and the Dolphin Web browser. Let us talk briefly about these aspects of the Samsung Wave GT S8500 handset.

Dolphin Browser 2.0 - Web browser on your samsung wave phone Samsung Dolphin Browser - Google Search

Firstly, the browser being accompanied by the Samsung Wave GT S8500 handset is the Dolphin web Browser. The browser is well supported by the WAP 2.0/ x HTML and complete HTML capabilities. Because of this, the experience that the user gains in the browsing of the internet is pretty nifty and swift. The browser allows for the viewing of the web pages in full screen mode, and this enhances the experience of the user to a very different level of experience. Moreover, even the Wi-Fi and 3G are to offer great and fast internet access.

Dolphin Browser - Right click and text selection options Dolphin Web Browser - Options for right click on link Multiple Windows on Dolphin Browser

Apart from this, the Dolphin web browser shall provide for the use of tabbed view of web pages wherein the user may form up to 5 tabs for the viewing of 5 different web pages at one go. The tab navigator is quite cool and easy to use. One of the other interesting features of the Dolphin web browser is that of bookmarking of the important sites as per the requirements of the user. You can set the homepage as you wish.

Filtering of images for faster browsing experience is also possible by this browser. According to the preferences you desire, you can even enable Auto-delete browsing information. To do so, you need to go to the internet settings from the browser menu. There, you need to set the auto-delete browsing setting on.

Dolphin Browser - Options and Settings Menu Dolphin Web Browser - Internet Settings and Preferences

At the same place. You will find the option of clearing cache, deleting cookies, deleting saved ID/ passwords, or even delete database. For information, the Samsung Dolphin Browser v2.0 is software based on the Webkit open source project.

The Samsung Wave can apparently support Flash videos and can play those videos quite well by buffering the videos in memory and then auto-deleting the same after viewing. For example, the Wave can play the YouTube videos very properly and with proper sound. There are apps in the Samsung App Store for the purpose of searching instantly on the search engine you desire as Google, Bing, Yahoo or even search the Amazon. With the handset comes the Google widget which is on the home screen and where you need to type in your searches and will instantly search the same on the browser.

Dolphin Browser - Playing Flash file Dolphin Browser - Zoom in with multitouch

One of the better facilities provided to you for enhancing the browsing experience is the pinch to zoom facility, whereby you can pinch the area on the web page which you want to view and thus you shall see the area as magnified. After zooming, you need to swipe left and right to read the entire text. So, the handset is a mind-blowing thing to have. It is even expected that the browsing experience shall grow even better in the future.

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