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One Man Army

Posted at 6:13 am June 24, 2013
One Man ArmyAre you fond of shooting games? No doubt, One Man Army will bring you a lot of fun! It is really interesting game that gives you chance to improve your shooting efficiency. The game is set in three levels and just like other games, it will slowly turn harder when we move on through the high levels. It gives you 30 bullets to kill your enemy, so be careful to use it. You have to keep more attention at the time of shooting enemy. Don’t waste any shot, because you have a limited shot. To get a good score and improve accuracy, kill enemy with headshot. No need of accessing tutorial for playing game on Bada OS as the game is simple and too much interesting. The whole game is controlled by the touchpad, so no need to remember the controls of the game. Enjoy game; try to get good score with 100% accuracy.
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How to Backup wave phone without cable?

Posted at 4:39 am June 8, 2013
How to Backup wave phone without cable?Backing up your computer is necessary…if you really value your personal stuff and data on the computer and mobile device. For PC users and Smartphone users, backup is necessary but often ignored. Backup is the activity of copying files or database to preserve them in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. Backing up computer or mobile data is one of the most important things that you can do to protect all the information you have stored on your computer, laptop and mobile data. Backup protects you from all inevitable crashes like hardware failures, viruses, theft, accidental deletion, fires, floods and other disasters. Generally, to get mobile data backup on your computer, you have to connect data cable. But with the advent of Wi-Fi connectivity, you can backup data without cable. There is good news for Bada users as they can backup Wave phone without connecting cable to PC. They just need Samsung Kies on their PC and internet connectivity on their mobile phone. Bada is an operating system of Samsung Wave series, which supports less application than Android OS. The future of Bada is not bright that’s why Samsung has not launched application for it. Now users of Samsung Wave can use their mobile phone as Wi-Fi hotspot and backup their data on PC. Samsung Kies play a very important role to Backup Wave phone. Samsung Wave comes with the “Kies via Wi-Fi” feature that becomes helpful to turn your Samsung Wave into a wireless router. Continue Reading »

Hey Ninja: New Fruit Ninja Game for Bada

Posted at 12:15 pm June 5, 2013
Hey Ninja: New Fruit Ninja Game for BadaHave you ever enjoyed the most interesting juicy action game, “Fruit Ninja” on bada? How’s your experience? Maybe it was awesome….because it is really interesting game. But friends, now you can enjoy new fruit ninja game, namely “Hey Ninja” on Bada. Hey ninja is free jump and slice game. It is really interesting and simple game in which you just need to control your ninja who can do two things – jump over obstacles and slice enemies and chests. Definitely you will enjoy the game on your bada OS.
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WhatsApp is still missing in Samsung Bada Apps’ Download list

Posted at 11:10 am May 16, 2013
WhatsApp is still missing in Samsung Bada Apps’ Download listDays of free and affordable chatting are gone…as the cost of the SMS tariff has been increased gradually due to the inflation. But friends, smart man still enjoy free chat on their mobile with Whatsapp Application which is supported in Android, BlackBerry, Window, Nokia Symbian60 & S40 and iPhone. It is the most popular and featurable apps among the young generation. It is a social media app that can be used to chat with other member of WhatsApp. Unfortunate, this outstanding application is still missing in Bada Apps Download list. Compared to Android OS, there are few good applications available for BADA OS. But do you know that Bada users are again starting “campaign” for WhatsApp application. If you are users of BADA OS and really want Whatsapp application on your handset, then you should convince developers to develop WhatsApp for Bada. Continue Reading »

Viber for Bada

Posted at 8:44 am April 10, 2013
Viber for Bada It’s a time of BADA users to celebrate party…as the free calling and messaging service is just click away from their mobile phone. Now, users can enjoy free texting and calling service through Viber application. No need to be surprised….as “Viber” app is available for Bada too. By using this application, send and receive free text and picture messages and location. At present, millions of viber’s users can text send photos and locations to anywhere and do HD voice calls through 3G or Wi-Fi connection with better sound quality than carrier networks. No price plans or time limit for taking benefits of this service…You can use it free of cost for unlimited time period with internet connection. Continue Reading »

SafeSecrets: Keep your Secret Data safe in Bada

Posted at 8:51 am April 1, 2013
SafeSecrets: Keep your Secret Data safe in BadaAccording to the reports, millions of personal records lost due to the data breaches – including everything from Social Security numbers to credit card information. At present, the rate of data theft and data fraud is rising more and more due to the lack of knowledge about how to keep important data safe from hackers. With the advent of Smartphone, most of us live mobile lifestyle and use small device to make big transactions, book tickets, for online shopping, etc. However, there is also the growing concern for identity theft, so users should keep in mind various safety tips while using the service. If you are users of the most interesting Samsung’s Smartphone platform – “BADA”, then there is good news for you that now you can keep your secret data safe and secure by just downloading “SafeSecrets” application. SafeSecrets is a very helpful and useful application for Bada users because it keeps your all sensitive data safe like mail accounts, phone number, credit card number, passwords, notes, etc.
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Top Bird Games on Bada [Editor's Pick]

Posted at 9:00 am November 19, 2012
Top Bird Games on Bada [Editor's Pick]Bada is an operating system which is developed by Samsung especially for the mobile devices and tablet computers. It is very popular among the Samsung users and everyday around thousands of apps are sold through the Samsung Apps market. Bada is a Korean word which means Seashore and Ocean. It accommodates numerous applications created by the developers and also provides large space to its users. Everybody has got different choices of games which they would like to play on their mobile devices. One can have the best games with the Bada operating system. Let us have a look at the best offered Top Bird Games on Bada OS. Tap Birds The Tap Birds game was launched on 6th July, 2010. The main aim of the game is to go through various levels of the game, acquiring rewards during the gameplay, profiting from the aviary and gaining experience. The Tap Birds players have to control virtual aviaries, selling a variety of bird, breeding and lots more. In this game, you need to tap on the screen without leaving any blank space in the aviaries. You need to fill the space with birds that you buy and sell and this will make you earn more money. To earn extra money/experience point, you have to add all the birds in an aviary to inventory and then fill your feeder. Later, release your hungry birds one by one. The game is rated 4+, as it has no objectionable material. Continue Reading »

Seven Stars 3D II

Posted at 9:51 am November 15, 2012
Seven Stars 3D IIThe second sequel of the seven star 3D games has been officially launched. The latest Puzzle & Action game is the creation of Lan Wu. The whole game is divided into 49 stages that are long and little difficult. During the game, you have to discover the big dipper, taking it back to the sky and help the big dipper run away from monster’s muddle. It is very challenging game because the ways hang high in the sky, so there are many chances of falling down. There are many bamboo poles and wooden bridges in the maze. In this second sequel, you will feel like a hero to take seven stars out of the maze set by monster, and back to heaven. Fight with the enemy…..and relive your big dipper from the monster’s mess. Roll the ball around different types of roads, get bonuses and enjoy oriental style. Compared to the first part, here you can enjoy more arcade game play related with time limit and gathering of crystals.
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Top Bada Apps to Glow your LED Flash

Posted at 11:39 am November 5, 2012
Top Bada Apps to Glow your LED FlashYou never know at when you require a LED flashlight. It is always helpful to have handy flashlight, as anytime in darkness you will need it. Sometimes we utilize our smartphones as torch, but using your screen as a flashlight doesn’t actually work, thus apps to turn on the LED flash as a flashlight have been extremely flourishing. That’s where BADA comes in. One of the most interesting Samsung’s Smartphone platforms, Bada applications enables users to turn on the light automatically at startup; hence you don’t require pressing any additional buttons. Bada applications are easy and simple to draw on, also help in adding that further zing to the handset as per your needs. There are several applications accessible in Samsung marketplace, while there are some apps particularly intended for Bada apps like references, games, news and updates, utilities, social networking, etc. Just read on to know about the top Bada Apps to glow your LED Flash, which are available for free as well as paid. Now, start using the camera phones LED flash as a flashlight. Samsung Electronics has developed an operating system for mobile phones, dubbed as Bada, whose name is derived from “바다 (bada)” that means “ocean” or “sea” in Korean. It consists of low-end feature phones and considered to be a high-end smartphones. Everyone desires to get their hands on the new Samsung operating system Bada along with the Samsung Wave. There are a number of bada apps available, some paid, however most of them are free. Here is listed some of the best bada apps for your LED Flash. Continue Reading »

Birds On A Wire: Advanced Angry Bird Game for Bada

Posted at 8:35 am October 31, 2012
Birds On A Wire: Advanced Angry Bird Game for BadaHave you ever enjoyed angry bird game on your PC or mobile device? What about your experience? It was definitely amazing and entertaining, RIGHT…? Now, it’s a time for enjoying advanced angry bird game, named as “Birds on A Wire” on BADA. Continue Reading »