Race Against Time

Race Against Time for Samsung Wave

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Have you ever seen an app comprising of a game and navigation features? If not, then look at this wonderful app now available from the Samsung App Store. Also being called the racing game assistant, the app will actually pose a challenge in front of the user to have a race against time on a real-world track which will be randomly generated by the app. Seems innovative, isn’t it? Read on for a detailed review.

Price: Rs. 150

Size: 5.63 MB

Compatible OS: Bada 1.2

Download this App: Race Against Time for Samsung Wave and Wave II

Supported Phones: Wave(S8500), Wave II(S8530)

Race Against Time – Samsung Wave App Review

Pros & Cons:


  • Innovative concept.
  • Exciting and addictive.
  • Novel game play.
  • Supports map and camera modes.


  • The app is very highly priced.
  • No lite version is available.
  • Uses GPS.
  • Requires airtime for the generation of random tracks and showing of the dynamic map on the screen while racing.


The app will feature 4 different levels of difficulty, and also include the provision of importing racing tracks from a GPX file, in which case, the user will be able to set the difficulty of his own. There are a lot of different transport modes to choose from, and the user will face real challenge in playing this innovative game.



  • You may include your favorite track using the import option from a GPX file.
  • Select the transport mode and race!

Race Against Time – Samsung Wave App Ratings

Interface Design:

The user-friendly interface deserves a score of 9 out of 10.


Being highly appealing to the users for its innovative concept, it deserves a score of 10 out of 10.


No lite version of the app is available and thus many users will not be able to try this wonderful app for its high price. So, a score of 6 out of 10 in this regard seems explanatory.


The wonderful graphics and good sounds make the game a complete experience and deserve a score of 8 out of 10.


The features supported by the app are both new and innovative. So, a score of 9 out of 10 in this regard seems acceptable.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, I think an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 is noteworthy for the app.


(4.2 out of 5)

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