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Posted at 11:53 am July 30, 2011
SecurityWe have came across many security applications, that protect data of your smartphone. But, have you ever imagined your smartphone as a guard of your personal properties? If you want to learn about your new protector, read on for a full detailed review.
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Quick QR Reader

Posted at 6:14 pm July 28, 2011
Quick QR ReaderYou might have wondered for a long time to have some mechanism for reading and generating QR codes from your Bada handset. But now, it is possible with this app available for you. Being a Utilities app, the Quick QR Reader app will let the user generate and recognize the QR codes. There is the code reader which will recognize QR codes as well as Bar codes, and even the Data Matrices. Even if the code image is saved within the camera or phone, there is a prvision of fast recognition as well. Read on for a detailed review.
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Posted at 6:57 am June 9, 2011
PhotoRhinoPhoto Rhino app is an image editor. It has got some cool features and may use images from camera, phone or memory card. The app provides reversible modifications for the image with real-life visibility of the changes being made to the image immediately. Read on for the detailed review.
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Posted at 11:13 am May 24, 2011
VeloCamVelocam is a Bada camera app available from the Samsung App Store. The app has been designed with useful and nice features, and can run with multi-tasking capability. The app has been provided with dedicated user-friendly on-screen keys and seems to be a nice app to try out.
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Magic Torch

Posted at 4:56 am March 31, 2011
Magic TorchAs you might have already made out from the name of the app, the Magic Torch is the app which belongs to the genre of lighting apps. The app is now available in an all new version v.2 and has been updated with a lot of additional features. There are 6 modes of showing light which the user can make use of.
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Posted at 8:47 am March 29, 2011
SmartDiaryRemembering appointments, important dates, or other important meetings might become difficult to manage on the day to day life. Thus, here comes the help for those owning a Bada handset. The Smart Diary app is available from the Samsung App Store which enhances the ease of remembering schedules by making them within the app. You can also create memos, and the app shall provide d-day functions as well.
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Posted at 12:33 pm March 18, 2011
EvMemoEveryone loves to customize their main screen with a lot of widgets on top. Not only does this increase the productivity of the handset, but also it enhances the style and visual appeal of the same. EvMemo is one such app that can be used as a desktop widget which shall help you acting as a memo for remembering things.
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Remind ME

Posted at 9:11 am March 17, 2011
Remind MEDo you remember the date when your Visa card is to expire? Or do you remember when he health card, driving license and other important documents are to become invalid? So, here is an app that shall definitely prove to be useful if you are looking for solutions to the problems stated above. The Remind Me app provides the users the options to help remember the important events which are forthcoming, which you need to be reminded of, and even in a pre-scheduled time. Read on for a detailed review.
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WorldCup 2011

Posted at 5:14 am March 15, 2011
WorldCup 2011Information about the Cricket World Cup 2011 is almost everywhere. With so many enthusiasts willing to gain more and more updates about the World Cup, there is yet another means by which the user will be able to update him with the World Cup 2011 fever. The WorldCup 2011 app for the Bada handset has been especially designed for those cricket aficionados who are busy and not able to keep him updated with the flow of the World Cup 2011.
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Date Calculator

Posted at 4:47 am March 14, 2011
Date CalculatorIt is often a confusing thing when it comes to calculations based on dates and calendars. There are so many things and calculations we need to perform even if we require knowing the time duration between two dates. So, here comes an app which rightly serves the purpose of calculations using dates.
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