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[Colorful] BatteryLife

Posted at 10:50 am February 22, 2014
[Colorful] BatteryLife Nothing is more frustrating than when you are trying to make an important call or take life special moment picture, and find that your battery has just drained. Mostly, people avoid browsing the net, play games, watching videos, and updating their status from mobile phone while in travelling to save their battery life for a long time. There are numerous tips and tricks that you can use to increase your battery life…However, it is also important for people to know about the functions that drain your battery life faster. Knowing and understanding an actual running time of your battery, you can manage your battery life in better way. It is little difficult to get exact information regarding actual battery run-time on different function. If you are BADA users, then it becomes so easier with [Colorful] BatteryLife application. It gives information about how much time your phone battery will run on different modes like audio, video, talk-time, standby, 3G, etc. It will help managing battery life in better way. It also gives graphic information on battery run time. Continue Reading »


Posted at 11:19 am September 24, 2011
GesturesMost of us agree that the provision for shortcuts and launchers are quite less in the Bada world. There are not so user-friendly launchers available in this market. But here is a rather innovative and cool app which will make the phone more productive and user-friendly, apart from the fact that there is scope of high customization on the Bada handset. Read on for a detailed review.
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Air Display

Posted at 6:16 am September 21, 2011
Air DisplayThis is a very unique and useful app available for the Bada users. The app will enable the user to use his Samsung Wave as an extra monitor for his Windows computer, be it Windows Vista or Windows 7. So, not only does this app increase the productivity and easy of accessibility of the computer, it also makes remote accessing the key technology behind this concept. Read on for a detailed review.
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More Zoom

Posted at 8:34 am September 2, 2011
More ZoomPhotography passionate do face some problem on taking pictures where zooming is required much more than the normal zooming of 4x supported by the built-in camera. But here comes the More Zoom app to the rescue. With the capability of supporting zoom level to up to 20x, this amazing tool will definitely find its effective use. Read on for the full features and review.
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Night Vision 1.0

Posted at 5:22 am August 29, 2011
Night Vision 1.0If you are photography passionate, then this is just the app for you. Night Vision is based on the state-of-the-art technology which is generally applied in military surveillance applications. With this amazing app you will be able to take photos and pictures in dark conditions or when you will not be in a condition to take pictures with the flash. Read on for a detailed review.
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Posted at 10:35 am August 25, 2011
BadaCamHave you wondered whether your phone can turn into a wireless webcam? Seems impossible, isn’t it? But now, here comes a solution to this problem. BadaCam, now available from the Samsung App Store for the Bada platform, will actually turn your smartphone into a wireless webcam which can be used with your PC. Read on for a detailed review.
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Posted at 5:16 am August 22, 2011
MySecretPortionWith smartphones becoming the trend setter these days, it is very much obvious that privacy becomes an important issue. Whether you want to protect your data or other information, the need of privacy is inevitable. So, here comes a rather unique app to provide privacy and protect the user against unauthorized access of data. MySecretPortion app protects your mp4 and 3gp video files and provides a rather simple way to privacy. Read on for a detailed review. Continue Reading »


Posted at 11:38 am August 18, 2011
TimeFrameWith technology zooming at the peak, there has been loads of improvement in the genre of photography. And now, here comes an app which is to provide the user the opportunity to have Time-Lapse Photography and Stop-Motion Animation just through the tap of his Bada handset. Especially meant for the photography passionate ones, the app will also enable the beginners to learn the art. Read on for a full detailed review.
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SmartProtect Plus

Posted at 6:54 am August 13, 2011
SmartProtect PlusA very handy tool has come to you through this app. Smart Protect will provide security to your files through the selective lock and hide features. By using this, no other phone, PC or even any multimedia device will be able to view, open or play the private files. Seems to be a sensational app and is definitely a requirement in today’s world of cyber-crime and smartphone craze!! Read on for a full detailed review.
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Posted at 11:53 am July 30, 2011
SecurityWe have came across many security applications, that protect data of your smartphone. But, have you ever imagined your smartphone as a guard of your personal properties? If you want to learn about your new protector, read on for a full detailed review.
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