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Top 8 Samsung Bada Guitar Apps

Posted at 6:40 am July 25, 2013
Top 8 Samsung Bada Guitar AppsHey guitar lovers, here are some of the best Samsung Bada guitar apps. These are specially made for the entire guitarists as here users can find some of the beast tuners. As it is not possible for the guitarist to carry guitar everywhere, so these apps can actually fill that gap of your guitar. So in this world of technology, now you can carry your guitar everywhere as you can carry Samsung Bada Guitar Apps everywhere. So install the following apps, and your guitar will be with you everywhere. 1. Harmony Guitar Here again a great app for Samsung Bada users. Select the code that you want from the code list and when it is selected you can push the code, guide and hear the code in advance. If you want to get the code in a blank slot, for that you just have to drag it. This app is very easy to use, so now your favorite tunes are just a click away. Its FREE PLAY let you to perform whatever you want to play. It has around 10.48MB size and requires Bada 2. To download Harmony Guitar for bada visit 2. Guitar Tuner Continue Reading »

Top Bird Games on Bada [Editor’s Pick]

Posted at 9:00 am November 19, 2012
Top Bird Games on Bada [Editor’s Pick]Bada is an operating system which is developed by Samsung especially for the mobile devices and tablet computers. It is very popular among the Samsung users and everyday around thousands of apps are sold through the Samsung Apps market. Bada is a Korean word which means Seashore and Ocean. It accommodates numerous applications created by the developers and also provides large space to its users. Everybody has got different choices of games which they would like to play on their mobile devices. One can have the best games with the Bada operating system. Let us have a look at the best offered Top Bird Games on Bada OS. Tap Birds The Tap Birds game was launched on 6th July, 2010. The main aim of the game is to go through various levels of the game, acquiring rewards during the gameplay, profiting from the aviary and gaining experience. The Tap Birds players have to control virtual aviaries, selling a variety of bird, breeding and lots more. In this game, you need to tap on the screen without leaving any blank space in the aviaries. You need to fill the space with birds that you buy and sell and this will make you earn more money. To earn extra money/experience point, you have to add all the birds in an aviary to inventory and then fill your feeder. Later, release your hungry birds one by one. The game is rated 4+, as it has no objectionable material. Continue Reading »

Top Bada Apps to Glow your LED Flash

Posted at 11:39 am November 5, 2012
Top Bada Apps to Glow your LED FlashYou never know at when you require a LED flashlight. It is always helpful to have handy flashlight, as anytime in darkness you will need it. Sometimes we utilize our smartphones as torch, but using your screen as a flashlight doesn’t actually work, thus apps to turn on the LED flash as a flashlight have been extremely flourishing. That’s where BADA comes in. One of the most interesting Samsung’s Smartphone platforms, Bada applications enables users to turn on the light automatically at startup; hence you don’t require pressing any additional buttons. Bada applications are easy and simple to draw on, also help in adding that further zing to the handset as per your needs. There are several applications accessible in Samsung marketplace, while there are some apps particularly intended for Bada apps like references, games, news and updates, utilities, social networking, etc. Just read on to know about the top Bada Apps to glow your LED Flash, which are available for free as well as paid. Now, start using the camera phones LED flash as a flashlight. Samsung Electronics has developed an operating system for mobile phones, dubbed as Bada, whose name is derived from “바다 (bada)” that means “ocean” or “sea” in Korean. It consists of low-end feature phones and considered to be a high-end smartphones. Everyone desires to get their hands on the new Samsung operating system Bada along with the Samsung Wave. There are a number of bada apps available, some paid, however most of them are free. Here is listed some of the best bada apps for your LED Flash. Continue Reading »

Opera Mini vs Bolt browser on Samsung Wave

Posted at 4:15 am April 22, 2011
Opera Mini vs Bolt browser on Samsung WaveWith the Bada platform emerging into the scene like a racing car from a blind turn, the war between the apps for the same has also risen to new standards.  Developers all around the world are giving their all to come up with the best Samsung bada apps. Opera Mini is one of the most trusted browsers for mobile devices and has already built a reputation in the market. The bolt browser however features some classic functionality and is one of the closest and toughest competitors of the Opera Mini. Here is exactly what has made these browsers just so popular as they are and a comparison table as to which one of them is better suited according to a common man’s need Continue Reading »

Best 5 Free Themes for Samsung Wave Phones

Posted at 12:18 pm February 11, 2011
Best 5 Free Themes for Samsung Wave Phones With the availability of so many themes from the Samsung App Store for your Bada handsets, it might become difficult selecting the ones which are worth downloading and applying, and even avoiding some which are not worth the effort. Thus, a top 5 comparison becomes somewhere necessary. So, here is a list of the top 5 themes which you may try for your Bada handset from the Samsung App Store. Continue Reading »

Best free Apps for Samsung Bada Phones

Posted at 10:52 am January 24, 2011
Best free Apps for Samsung Bada Phones You must have gone through the individual app reviews of the list of amazing apps available for your Samsung Bada phone from the Samsung App Store. But, these apps which have been reviewed have been rated as stand-alone apps, and have not been compared with others so as to whether the app will prove to be more beneficial than the other one. So, here is a list among the ones reviewed, of the top 5 useful and efficient apps available for use by the Bada phone owners from the ever-expanding Samsung App Store. Continue Reading »

Best free games for Samsung Bada Phones

Posted at 1:05 pm January 3, 2011
Best free games for Samsung Bada Phones With the Samsung app store expanding almost weekly, thus there seems to be a necessity to discover the best free games available for your Bada phone. There are quite a lot of existing games; some are reasonably good while the others are not even worth trying. So, on the whole, it becomes necessary to have a list of the best free games available for you. So, go ahead and enjoy the top 5 list of the free games for your Bada handset. Continue Reading »