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How to Download offline Map in Bada? Tips and Tricks for Bada Map & GPS

Posted at 8:12 am July 19, 2013
How to Download offline Map in Bada? Tips and Tricks for Bada Map & GPSMap is very useful tool that we often use in our daily life for navigating new hiking trails, or searching specific landmark, shopping centre or street name in an unknown town or city. Map contains lots of useful information that makes our searching easier and faster. It also helps us to know the distance that’s why we know how far away one thing is from another. In this digital age, downloading and searching map has become so easy through online sources and internet connected devices like mobile phone, laptop, PC, etc. But if you are user of Samsung BADA mobile phone, then you don’t need to make a trip at stationary store or visit any website to obtain any country map, because BADA mobile comes with in-built navigation functionality that allows users to download offline map with internet connection facility. You can use both Wi-Fi and GPRS in mobile to connect to the internet. Offline map is the facility by which you can view a map even when you are not connected to the internet. The interface of this functionality is very simple and user-friendly. Here you can download all over the world maps. For more simplicity, it has divided maps into continents – Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Navigation functionality is available in all Bada phones with little different steps. Here we have explained the example of Samsung Wave II. Continue Reading »

How to block company calls in Samsung Bada?

Posted at 9:57 am July 15, 2013
How to block company calls in Samsung Bada?Unwanted call irritates people when they are busy in some important work or in deep sleep. Most modern smartphones have special control features. Now, Bada users can also create reject list of unwanted call. Setting call restriction, you will not get any calls from block listed number until you change the setting back to normal. Now, you can make your Bada phone free from unwanted sales & marketing calls, malicious calls, stop unwanted texts and texts to speech call by using in-built auto reject feature. No need of downloading any application to block calls on bada. You just need to follow below steps to block company call in Samsung bada. Auto reject feature is supported in all bada phones, so give at least one try. Steps to stop unwanted call in BADA phone: To take advantage of auto reject feature, open setting menu. In this you can set many features of the phone, but you have to open call setting for auto reject feature. Continue Reading »

How to Backup wave phone without cable?

Posted at 4:39 am June 8, 2013
How to Backup wave phone without cable?Backing up your computer is necessary…if you really value your personal stuff and data on the computer and mobile device. For PC users and Smartphone users, backup is necessary but often ignored. Backup is the activity of copying files or database to preserve them in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. Backing up computer or mobile data is one of the most important things that you can do to protect all the information you have stored on your computer, laptop and mobile data. Backup protects you from all inevitable crashes like hardware failures, viruses, theft, accidental deletion, fires, floods and other disasters. Generally, to get mobile data backup on your computer, you have to connect data cable. But with the advent of Wi-Fi connectivity, you can backup data without cable. There is good news for Bada users as they can backup Wave phone without connecting cable to PC. They just need Samsung Kies on their PC and internet connectivity on their mobile phone. Bada is an operating system of Samsung Wave series, which supports less application than Android OS. The future of Bada is not bright that’s why Samsung has not launched application for it. Now users of Samsung Wave can use their mobile phone as Wi-Fi hotspot and backup their data on PC. Samsung Kies play a very important role to Backup Wave phone. Samsung Wave comes with the “Kies via Wi-Fi” feature that becomes helpful to turn your Samsung Wave into a wireless router. Continue Reading »

Battleballz Walkthrough (Samsung Bada Game)

Posted at 4:38 am May 11, 2011
Battleballz Walkthrough (Samsung Bada Game)BattleBallz is a new and unique twist on the Arkanoid style games of days gone by, including support for 2 players and around 80 achievements that can be collected. BattleBallz is developed by Pocketeers (an indie development studio based in Doncaster, in the UK). Continue Reading »

How to improve the battery life of your Samsung Wave ?

Posted at 5:05 am April 27, 2011
Although there have been no issues related to the Samsung Wave’s battery life but there are quite a few cases where the new users have not really been happy with the battery that Samsung is shipping with the device. The device has been seen sporting great features like display, processor, sound quality and camera but there are a few unsatisfied people when it comes to the battery life. Though there are no specific ticks to improve the battery life of a wave based phone there are a few very easy and pretty important tricks that can be followed to improve the battery life not only a Wave but any smart phone. 1. Turn Off 3G: Continue Reading »

How to take Panoramic View photos on Samsung Wave?

Posted at 1:08 pm February 18, 2011
How to take Panoramic View photos on Samsung Wave?Panoramic View photography has gained a lot of importance because of its widespread integration in contemporary handsets of today. So, people must be quite aware of the art of panoramic view photography. For those who are not aware of this genre of photography, I can briefly talk about the idea of such a great domain. Panoramic photography refers to the capturing of images with elongated field of view using specialized equipment or software. Continue Reading »

How to setup an email account on Samsung Wave/Wave II?

Posted at 11:46 am February 14, 2011
How to setup an email account on Samsung Wave/Wave II?This is a normal expectation from any user owning a smartphone to check and send emails from their handset. This not only makes the handset more productive, but also increases the convenience of the user. But, in the initial phase, setting up of the email account on to your handset is a little tough if the user is not an experienced one. So, today, I shall discuss on the steps to perform for setting up of the email account in your Samsung Wave phones. Continue Reading »

How to control your desktop from Samsung Wave phone?

Posted at 11:20 am
How to control your desktop from Samsung Wave phone?To control your PC desktop remotely from your Bada handset, the Remote Desktop app available to you from the Samsung App Store is an amazing thing to use. It is simple and sophisticated. A detailed step by step guide is provided here so as to explain the technique of setting up the server so that the Remote Desktop app on your Bada handset may connect to your desktop, thereby enabling you to control it. Continue Reading »

How to Download and Read e-books on your Bada phone?

Posted at 12:57 pm February 7, 2011
How to Download and Read e-books on your Bada phone?The Samsung Wave handset is an all-in-one performer. It can act as your personal entertainment system providing facilities for music, videos, gaming, photography and loads of other interesting stuffs. Moreover, the next most appealing thing about the Samsung Wave is the Samsung App Store which is ever-expanding and even the pace of growth is reasonably well. Continue Reading »

How to install themes in Samsung Wave Phones?

Posted at 10:28 am
How to install themes in Samsung Wave Phones?The Samsung Wave and the Wave II handsets have become quite popular in the Smartphone market today. There seems to be an increasing trend of people buying the Bada platform handsets these days. Even, the Samsung App Store is increasing in size at quite a nice pace. There are many techniques for performing tasks on your Bada handset which the user at the first time might not know about. So, it becomes somewhere necessary to help them with a set of guidelines to perform certain tasks. Continue Reading »