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Virtual Wallet

Posted at 12:58 pm August 17, 2013
Virtual WalletEvery month, people face big tension that how to manage income and expenditure? Now, managing income and expenditure is become so easy with online tools and several mobile apps. There is a good news for Bada users that they can lighten the load of their actual wallet and hold everything safely and protected in their mobile phone by using “Virtual Wallet”, a universal tool for proper management of your incomes and expenditures. It is finance app that allows users to create virtual wallet for personal, business, spouse, etc. It is a canny way to manage both income and expenditures with simple and intuitive interface. Virtual wallet is completely new approach that is created to make life easier and change the way you spend, save and grow your money.
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SafeSecrets: Keep your Secret Data safe in Bada

Posted at 8:51 am April 1, 2013
SafeSecrets: Keep your Secret Data safe in BadaAccording to the reports, millions of personal records lost due to the data breaches – including everything from Social Security numbers to credit card information. At present, the rate of data theft and data fraud is rising more and more due to the lack of knowledge about how to keep important data safe from hackers. With the advent of Smartphone, most of us live mobile lifestyle and use small device to make big transactions, book tickets, for online shopping, etc. However, there is also the growing concern for identity theft, so users should keep in mind various safety tips while using the service. If you are users of the most interesting Samsung’s Smartphone platform – “BADA”, then there is good news for you that now you can keep your secret data safe and secure by just downloading “SafeSecrets” application. SafeSecrets is a very helpful and useful application for Bada users because it keeps your all sensitive data safe like mail accounts, phone number, credit card number, passwords, notes, etc.
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Posted at 6:56 am September 15, 2011
ToodledoWWe all must have heard about the Toodledo app? This is basically a task management service which will facilitate the user in his daily activities. From maintaining of goals and locatios, to setting of priorities, all of it has been taken care of by this app. Read on for a detailed review.
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Business Notes

Posted at 4:55 am September 5, 2011
Business NotesIs managing your daily life activities seeming tough to you? Then, Business Notes is just the app for you. It will definitely ease out your life helping you all the way in keeping track of your life and managing your daily life activities. Supporting a suite of cool features, this app will fit in to your life as a perfect piece of an incomplete jigsaw puzzle. Read on for a fully detailed review.
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Posted at 12:22 pm August 11, 2011
MobTelnetOne of the most awaited apps in the Samsung App Store for the Bada platform, Mob Telnet has finally arrived. The app is to provide Telnet functionality for the Bada platform. For those who are new to Telnet, Telnet is basically a network protocol which is used on the Internet or local area networks for the purpose of providing a bidirectional interactive text-oriented communication. Read on for a full detailed review.
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Posted at 12:47 pm August 1, 2011
TimeTrackerDo you find it difficult managing time? Does it seem that you are not being able to devote enough time to activities of the day which deserve more time? So, here is the Time Tracker app to the rescue. The app will let the user keep track of the time he spends in his daily activities. Read in for a full detailed review.
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ToDo Checklist

Posted at 5:24 am April 23, 2011
ToDo ChecklistThe ToDo Checklist app is available as a widget for your Samsung Bada handset. There are times when you have to remember a large number of tasks to be done, or rather a list of things to be brought. At such situations, the ToDo Checklist app will come into use. Whether it be shopping lists, or rather some important meeting and calls, you will be able to remember all of it because of this useful widget available for your handset.
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Posted at 5:21 am April 6, 2011
PocketSafeDo you own multiple bank and email accounts? Do you have problems remembering the passwords for all? If the answers to the above questions are a YES- then probably the app that we are going to talk about next is meant just for you. PocketSafe is a personal data/password manager that takes care of the multiple user accounts and the passwords for the same. To find out more about the app just read on…
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Posted at 11:41 am March 5, 2011
KYMAAre you wondering what KYMA stands for? The full form of KYMA is Keep Your Memories Alive. As you might have made out what the app does from the name of the app, yet there is some functionality of the app about which you might not have figured out. Here is a complete review about the app.
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