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Weight Diary

Posted at 1:01 pm August 17, 2011
Weight DiaryAre you facing trouble with keeping track of your weight or reaching your goals in weight loss? Then, here comes Weight Diary to the rescue. This is a sensational app which is both feature-rich and useful to users of all genres. The app will enable the user to update his weight statistics on a daily basis, and will notify the user of his body mass index (BMI) indicating of whether the user lost, gained weight or remained the same. Read on for a detailed review of all its features.
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Pedometer FREE

Posted at 11:14 am July 19, 2011
Pedometer FREEApps relating to health and life are gaining popularity nowadays, with the option of more than 200 apps in the Samsung App Store relating to this genre. The Pedometer actually makes use of the Steps Tracker 2.7 which has been developed by the creators of the app. The pedometer shall actually work as the user will do his walking, jogging, or running. The app will also work when the user is using the treadmill.
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Hit My Boss

Posted at 11:26 am May 19, 2011
Hit My BossBelonging to quite a common genre of games, the Hit My Boss game is a stress relieving game. The game is simple and involves no brains of the user. The game might belong to a simple genre of games, but yet the Hit My Boss game shall have an upper hand compared to all the contemporary games because of the high-end graphics and smooth interface design. Read on for a detailed review.
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Couch to 5k

Posted at 11:03 am May 18, 2011
Couch to 5kThe Couch to 5K is a perfect app which can prove to be a fitting companion for those who are regular on their workouts and always want to be in shape. The app will perfectly blend in to the lives of the joggers, runners and walkers. The app is even suitable for marathon training, fitness exercises, weight loss, performance trackers and even interval trainers.
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Glucose Tracker

Posted at 2:14 am April 28, 2011
Glucose TrackerIn today’s life, health problems have become quite common. So, there seems to be a setting trend of new and innovative health care apps which shall serve the purpose of both controlling and preventing various health problems. The Glucose Tracker, as the name suggests, is for keeping track of your glucose levels and thus you may be able to control the same. This can greatly help in controlling diabetes and many other complications.
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My Yoga

Posted at 8:49 am April 7, 2011
My YogaHealth problems are troubling almost all these days. So, there seems to be a necessity of staying fit. Most people these days prefer Yoga and meditation apart from going through physical exercise and gym. So, here comes an innovative and useful app called My Yoga. It is especially made for those who believe in Yoga and its benefits. With Yoga gaining popularity all over the world, the app is expected to be doing well in the Samsung App Store.
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Eye Test

Posted at 11:04 am March 16, 2011
Eye TestThis is a utility app available in the Samsung App Store. As evident from the name of the app. The Eye Test app is specifically aimed at providing the user with some tests for the eyes to come to know about problems with the eye of the individual. The tests are detailed and explained in the help menu, and the taking of the tests are also simple and easy.
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Travel Memoir

Posted at 10:52 am March 1, 2011
Travel MemoirDo you feel satisfied about the memoirs you make for your trips around the world? Do you feel satisfied with the photos and videos you capture and then not being able to organize and keep them is sequence, or rather not able to attach your views to those moments. Then here is an app which is meant for this purpose. Planning for a trip, then you must have this app on your handset. It is a trip manager sort of an app which shall enable you to capture all those precious moments you share on the trip with your loved ones.
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BP Tracker

Posted at 12:25 pm February 17, 2011
BP TrackerBelonging to the Health/ Life section in the Samsung App Store, the BP Tracker app will enable the user to keep track of the blood pressure levels from time to time. As we all know that by the measuring and keeping track of the blood pressure level of ours, shall help us tackle and solve many issues regarding various sections of life and living. Thus, here comes the role of the BP tracker which will enable you to keep a log of all you BP readings.
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Posted at 11:42 am January 10, 2011
BadaSportsThe badaSports app is an amazingly popular and useful app. This app has been the Category Winners of the Bada Global Development Challenge. This is an app which shall enable the user to keep track of the various sporting activities which he shall undertake and then the activities can be shared on social networking. The app is based on GPS and using such measures, the app will keep track of your sporting activities like speed, and so on. After this, the results may be posted on social networking sites. Thus, the app facilitates dynamic and real time activity sharing. Quite cool!
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