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WAMO Camera

Posted at 11:35 am February 23, 2011
WAMO CameraThe WAMO Camera app quite a powerful and professional app developed for the Bada phones and is available from the Samsung App Store. The app is mainly meant to extend the basic functionality of the default camera provided.
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Posted at 12:05 pm February 16, 2011
CompassDo you wish to travel around the world, or are you planning to travel around your country? Whatever be the case, you might need the help of direction as to where you are heading. Here is where the Compass app will come into the picture.
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Posted at 11:31 am January 8, 2011
PaintingThis app is actually a Paint program that will let you paint your imagination on your Bada phone. The app has got a lot of colors for you to choose from and has even different styles and thickness of brushes to use. There are different modes available for you to choose from for the purpose of using this game, like the stamp mode and the normal mode. In the Stamp mode, you will be entitled to stamp your images from a list of pre-existing images, but not draw.
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