WhatsApp is still missing in Samsung Bada Apps’ Download list

Days of free and affordable chatting are gone…as the cost of the SMS tariff has been increased gradually due to the inflation. But friends, smart man still enjoy free chat on their mobile with Whatsapp Application which is supported in Android, BlackBerry, Window, Nokia Symbian60 & S40 and iPhone. It is the most popular and featurable apps among the young generation.

WhatsApp for Samsung Bada OS

It is a social media app that can be used to chat with other member of WhatsApp. Unfortunate, this outstanding application is still missing in Bada Apps Download list. Compared to Android OS, there are few good applications available for BADA OS. But do you know that Bada users are again starting “campaign” for WhatsApp application. If you are users of BADA OS and really want Whatsapp application on your handset, then you should convince developers to develop WhatsApp for Bada.

As the day passed, the craze of Bada phone is decreasing due to the launch of android and window phone. The future of Bada phone is not so good…that’s why Samsung does not develop new application for it. On 28th February, Bada users have celebrated as WhatsApp for Bada Day. Whatsapp is a great application that cut down your phone bill offering free chat as well allows you to share images, audio and video files. Samsung’s wave version is one of the best Smartphone; it attracts many users despite of less application. But considering the high demand of android and window phone, Samsung has stopped the production of Bada phone. Now bada users can convince the developers of whatsapps by joining Bada Campaign. If samsung will receive more requests, they will definitely think about to develop application for bada.

Here, we have described several ways to join Bada campaign:

For blogger: If you have your own blog then spread these words to your readers to get more support for the campaign.

Users of social sites: By updating this on your status and sharing this information on various social sites with your friends, you can create awareness.

Using twitter profile: You can use your twitter account and tweet your request to @whatsapp using the hash tag #whatsappforbada. For instance: @whatsapp Please build up WhatsApp for Bada #whatsappforbada

Mail at “support@whatsapp.com”: you are also able to mail at “support@whatsapp.com” and request them to develop whatsapp messenger for Bada. When you send your requested mail at “support@whatsapp.com”, you will receive automated response. So, you have to replay automated response with the same request. You can use this way as many time as you want.


Facebook purchased the mobile messaging app WhatsApp for $19 Billion so there is a little hope that WhatsApp will be available in Samsung Bada Apps Stores soon as Facebook’s acquisition.

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