Samsung Wave – Best Games of the day [2011-Sept 22]

Ten Pin Bowling, Super-G Stunt and Chess Genius :

samsung wave best games of the day

Check out these addictive and appealing game apps added in the Samsung App Store for the Bada platform.

[1] Ten Pin Bowling:

Ten Pin Bowling

This is a bowling game in 3D cartoon style. You are provided with a lot of dazzling bowling alleys and accompanied with suiting background music, which makes the game a complete bowling experience. The expressions and vivid animated bowlers make the gaming experience more realistic.


  • 6 styling bowling clubs.
  • Provides controls for bowling delivery.
  • Keeps track of champion bowlers.

Price: Rs. 360.00

Size: 5.85 MB

Compatible OS: Bada 1.0

Supported Devices: Samsung Wave S8500 and Wave S8530

Download link: Ten Pin Bowling for Wave and Wave II

[2] Super-G Stunt:

Super-G Stunt

This is a game for the flight action game lovers. The game will facilitate the user in taking aerobatic races in the midst of fantasy environments. Providing multiple camera views, the game will make the player improve in response, accuracy and concentration.


  • Provides 3D gaming experience.
  • Realistic flight experience.
  • Provides exposition to aerobatic stunts.

Price: Rs. 300.00

Size: 3.99 MB

Compatible OS: Bada 1.0

Supported Devices: Samsung Wave S8500 and Wave S8530

Download link: Super-G Stunt for Wave and Wave II

[3] Chess Genius:


This is an award winning chess program and has actually won ten World Championships. The game is both for beginners and experts, and is quite different from other Chess games available. The game provides a display of thinking, tutor facility, hints, taking steps back and forward and chess clocks.


  • Supports French, English, German and Italian languages.
  • Provides database support.
  • Comprises of 33 playing levels.

Price: Rs. 300.00

Size: 0.24 MB

Compatible OS: Bada 1.1

Supported Devices: Samsung Wave S5753E, Wave S7233E, Wave S5333, Wave S5253

Download link: Chess Genius for Wave 575, Wave 723, Wave 533, Wave 525

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