Samsung Bada 2.0 to feature NFC, HTML5 and FlashLite 4

The bada platform for Samsung Mobiles has already created enough ripples in the mobility community with its amazing features and some really catastrophic features. But that was version one and like all operating systems it is time to evolve, and it is time for version 2. Yes, the bada version 2.0 is on its way to the market and the features that are lined up for this version are really going to blow your mind away.

Bada 2.0 Features

The bada 1.0 platform is still just a fragment of the huge revolution that is coming in the industry and hence it seems that Samsung has very correctly named its phones which run on the bada platform. If the number of handsets sold is a measure of success then I would say that bada and wave had a wonderful or rather successful opening last time around and they obviously are expecting the same in with the next version as well. Those who have experienced the OS have an opinion that although bada is a naive in the industry it has the potential of driving people crazy as it is meant for speed and that is what people look for while buying a smartphone.

What’s new in Bada 2.0?

The current version of the operating system is bada v1.2 and the new version that is coming up is the bada version 2. The new operating system is going to incorporate new features which include the support for Near Field Communication. Near field communication is a technology that is incorporated in the Google Nexus S for the first time and is one of the most evolved technology for short distance data transfer wirelessly, it works over a distance of around 10 centimeters and is an evolved version of the RFID.

Although the users all around the world loved the UI that Samsung provided with their operating system but they wanted to make the experience even better and hence the Bada version 2.0 will be coming with an enhanced UI and believe us if the first one was amazing this one is going to blow your minds off. Along with the enhancements for the end users that new version will have something for the developers as well .The SDK support shall be extended over for Mac and Linux. The support for HTML and Flashlite 4 shall also be incorporated making it easy for developers to create apps coded in HTML 5 and Flashlite 4.

Samsung Bada 2.0

With the enhanced OS Samsung expects to double the sales of their Wave range of phones in the year 2011, however it is yet unknown whether the older phones running  the bada version 1.2 will be able to upgrade to the new version or not. However we definitely predict that the version shall be backward compatible because if not Samsung Wave users will run out of apps to run on the new version.

Like I say always it is quite easy to describe what an OS shall be like but the real experience comes only when you use it for yourself. We are eagerly to get our hands our hands on the new operating system. Till then do not forget to let us know about any insight on the topic in the comments section below.


Samsung has announced that Samsung Bada 2.0 will first arrive in India in July of this year. Other countries will soon get bada 2.0 update after India.

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