New Apps: VLC Remote, All-in-One Yoga, Bin Clock & Smart Cup14

Samsung Wave Apps - New in Samsung App Store

Some very interesting apps are launched in Samsung Apps store. Let’s have a quick review of these applications. Detailed reviews of each apps will be posted shortly.

VLC Remote:

vlc remote bada app

VLC media player is free and best available open source software to play media files of any formats. And some of you might not be aware that VLC can also be used as a streaming server and client. This small and excellent piece of software is one of the must have application on your computer. And now Samsung wave phone users can control VLC player running on computer, using a simple app called “VLC Remote”. You can control unlimited clients with this app. Various media controls available are: play, stop, pause, rewind, forward, mute, volume control, next track, previous track, seek etc. And as with the windows software, this app is promised to support direct video and audio streaming in future.

Price: Free

Supported Devices:Wave(S8500) and Wave II(S8530)

Download link: VLC Remote for Samsung Wave and Wave II

All-in-One Yoga:

all-in-one-yoga bada app

Stay healthy and fit with a All-inYoga guide in your pocket. Your Samsung Wave phone can become your Yoga teacher with over 200 yoga poses(asanas) with step by step instructions. This app is enhanced with voice guidance, photos and videos. Now make your yoga sessions efficient with special yoga tunes that comes with this app. Choose your goals, level and time limits, and this app will do rest of you and choose best available program for you. Main features of the app includes: 3D muscle models for the main yoga poses, activity tracking calendar and encouraging quote from famous yoga practicers.

Price: Rs. 66 ( € 1.00 )

Supported Devices:Wave(S8500), Wave II(S8530), Wave575(S5753E), Wave723(S7233E), Wave533(S5333) and Wave525(S5253)

Download link: All-in Yoga for Samsung Wave and Wave II, All-in Yoga for Samsung Wave575, 723, 533 and 525

Bin Clock:

bin clock bada app

Bin Clock is a Binary Clock Widget for your samsung wave phones.

Price: Rs. 66 ( € 1.00 )

Supported Devices:Wave(S8500) and Wave II(S8530)

Download link: Bin Clock for Samsung Wave and Wave II

Smart Cup14:

smart cup14 bada app

How eagerly are you waiting for the Brazil World Cup 2014? Samsung and SIDI brings you Smart Cup14 app for you to get in mood of 2014 worldcup of Brazil. Get all information about the 2014 Brazil World Cup including: stadiums, host cities, expected visitors, distance chart between host cities, etc. If you are planning to fly to Brazil for this world cup, you can explore FAQ section for general information about Brazil. You can give your mind a little exercise with fun by answering a trivia quiz on the World Cups.

Price: Free

Supported Devices:Wave723(S7230E), Wave533(S5330) and Wave525(S5250)

Download link: Smart Cup14 for Samsung Wave723, Wave533, and Wave525

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