RockeTalk Launches Samsung Bada App

We all must have heard about RockeTalk. For those who might not have heard about it, RockeTalk is a mobile based social networking application. This has now come up with the innovative step of launching an app which shall be proprietary to the Bada platform of Samsung. We know that the Bada platform is actually available on the Samsung Wave series of handsets from the house of Samsung.

rocketalk bada app

The app which has been released by RockeTalk will be available for the users to download and use from the Samsung App Store, which is the web based app store belonging to Samsung. To get access to the app, you need to download the app on your handset. There are two ways of doing so. Firstly, you may do so from the Samsung Apps icon available on your Bada handset, or you may even use the Kies software which is provided as a desktop client with the Samsung handsets. So, using Kies, you just need to download it onto your desktop and then install the same onto your handset by connecting the handset to your desktop PC.

There is more to this piece of information. According to the RockeTalk spokesperson, there are even talks going on for the pre-embedding of the app on the new Wave handsets which shall come forth. This step is being planned which shall add to the advantages of RockeTalk thus acquiring more users in the process and also gaining popularity among the masses.

Now, for the usability of the app, the RockeTalk app will mainly be used for accessing the voice and the video blogs available from RockeTalk, and even allow sharing of photos and video clips. Moreover, voice chat, photo chat and video chat are possible through the app. There is also provision for live multimedia forums for discussion. Apart from this, there are also other interesting features available for use.

There are news and discussions going on about RockeTalk being expanded to the South East Asia and Africa. There are launches in Malaysia, Philippines, Middle East and Indonesia which are coming up in the duration of two months. Some of the future releases from RockeTalk include a similar app for the Android operating system, and even for the desktop version.

The user may check out the profiles of a large number of users for free, and even chat on Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, and GTalk messenger. At the beginning, the user needs to signup for RockeTalk. Then, after the user logs in, he will find options for chatting, viewing notifications, enter chat rooms, make new friends and chat with them. The best feature of the app seems to be its integration with the GTalk, Yahoo and MSN messengers. There is even a dedicated page for the user where he may update his status and also enter his profile details so that finding friends are never easier than this.

Thus, if you own a Bada handset and have not yet tried this wonderful app, then try it out now. Read complete details with screenshots on RockeTalk App Review.

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