Must have Bada Games [2011-Sept 23]: Nine Hole Golf tops

FillingIt, Nine Hole Golf and iBasket :

Must have Samsung Bada Games

Check out these addictive and challenging games added in the Samsung App Store for the Bada platform.

[1] FillingIt:


This is a mind game and is quite addictive. There are around 162 gates and you are required to select a single gate and then try to fill up the vacancies of the checkerboard by using the unused building blocks. Thus, you will challenge your own IQ and thus learn and entertain yourself at the same go.


  • Supports English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese languages.
  • Supports saving of the progress of the game.
  • Provides easy and simplified touch controls.

Price: Rs. 99.00

Size: 1.92 MB

Compatible OS: Bada 1.0

Supported Devices: Samsung Wave S8500 and Wave S8530

Download link: FillingIt for Wave and Wave II

[2] Nine Hole Golf:

Nine Hole Golf

This is a real-time 3D golf game which supports a 3D golf course view and also the camera chasing view. With the provision of accurate golf ball physics simulation, 6 golf characters with life-like expressions and around 27 holes in the 3 different landscapes available, the game is a marvelous one to spend the idle hours.


  • Addictive and challenging.
  • Supports 3D graphics.

Price: Rs. 300.00

Size: 7.19 MB

Compatible OS: Bada 1.0

Supported Devices: Samsung Wave S8500 and Wave S8530

Download link: Nine Hole Golf for Wave and Wave II

[3] iBasket:


Claimed to be the most addictive game available for the single player, iBasket will allow the user to shoot the ball at the basket using real-time simulation of physics. You will be given 90 seconds and you need to get the maximum points out of that. So, go ahead and burn the floor.


  • Supports 3 dynamic scenes as Street, Desert and Indoor.
  • Very addictive and simple to use.
  • Poses sufficient amount of challenge.

Price: Rs. 50.00

Size: 1.19 MB

Compatible OS: Bada 1.1

Supported Devices: Samsung Wave S5753E, Wave S7233E, Wave S5333, Wave S5253

Download link: iBasket for Wave 575, Wave 723, Wave 533 and Wave 525

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