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WhatsApp User Guide

Posted at 8:53 am June 24, 2014
WhatsApp User GuideWhatsApp Messenger doesn’t require any type of introduction, as it is very popular among the Smartphone users. This multiplatform mobile phone messaging service uses device internet data to chat with other WhatsApp users. Today, it becomes impossible to find single Smartphone without WhatsApp application. But do you know? Still, bada users miss this great application on their platform. Not only whatsapp, there are several useful applications that are not compatible with BADA OS. In this situation, bada user takes too much interest in whatsapp regarding news. To make bada users fool, Samsung have launched Whatapp user guide in bada store at the price of Rs 50. Today, bada users are miss-understanding WhatsApp User Guide with WhatsApp application and download & install it on their mobile phone. WhatsApp User Guide is useful for those one who are using whatsapp application in their phone, but for bada user, it’s totally needless. Due to the high craze of WhatsApp Messenger, bada users easily ready to purchase this type of application. So be careful and don’t be fool with this type of whatsapp application.
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WhatsApp is still missing in Samsung Bada Apps’ Download list

Posted at 11:10 am May 16, 2013
WhatsApp is still missing in Samsung Bada Apps’ Download listDays of free and affordable chatting are gone…as the cost of the SMS tariff has been increased gradually due to the inflation. But friends, smart man still enjoy free chat on their mobile with Whatsapp Application which is supported in Android, BlackBerry, Window, Nokia Symbian60 & S40 and iPhone. It is the most popular and featurable apps among the young generation. It is a social media app that can be used to chat with other member of WhatsApp. Unfortunate, this outstanding application is still missing in Bada Apps Download list. Compared to Android OS, there are few good applications available for BADA OS. But do you know that Bada users are again starting “campaign” for WhatsApp application. If you are users of BADA OS and really want Whatsapp application on your handset, then you should convince developers to develop WhatsApp for Bada. Continue Reading »