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Paper ball

Posted at 11:08 am February 28, 2014
Paper ballYou might have created paper ball in childhood for playing….However, paper is very light in weight that’s why it becomes little difficult to balance it in air. But this little difficulty becomes more challenging for player. Now, people can enjoy paper ball game on their android, iOS and Bada mobile phone. It’s not puzzle game like cut the rope nor candy crush game, but its like temple run game in which you have to control rolling paper ball in arcade. However Paperball runs constantly, you can’t stop it. You can just slow the progress of ball to navigate difficulties in your way. During the game, god of wind, Eole blows a steady stream of air at your back to generate more difficulties. To struggle with mighty Eole’s breath, tilt your device left. For jumping, tap on the screen. Different wind conditions are appeared as symbols on the ground like ascending winds, a headwind, and others. Overall game is packed with 30 challenging levels, 2 worlds, 2 game modes, and 4 balls, so Jump, roll, and avoid obstacles as quickly as possible to complete game with high scores.
Price: Free Size: 6.08MB Compatible OS: Bada 2+ Download this App: Paper ball for Samsung Wave device Supported phones: Wave (GT-S8500), Wave II (GT-S8530), and Wave 3 (GT-S8600) Paper ball – Samsung Wave App Review: Pros: Challenging game Completely free Amazing graphics Gives 4 balls to play game One touch game Beautiful Graphics It gives ability to buy more coins to unlock more new items quickly It takes little space Cons: A little hard More levels required A many laugh when you die Control ball speed It can’t stop ball Features: Paper ball is really good but challenging game that structured with amazing graphics. It is one touch game featured with 30 levels to measure balance skills. It gives 4 balls to complete the game, which is set with different effects. It is an exciting and addictive game featured with cleaver and little paper ball, which can not be stop. It gives treacherous territory for guiding your ball. You must avoid falling in to the abyss. The color scheme is vibrant, while text font is innovative that will catch the attention of more gamers. The game begins with small white paper ball on a two-dimensional plane, which is naturally rolled forward because of wind blowing at its back. Player can use special power-up to speed up, slow down, bounce back, or jump ball during the play. You can jump the ball in to short distance just by tapping the screen. Screenshot: Paper ball – Samsung Wave App Ratings: Interface design Interface design of the game is very colorful. It is set with innovative fonts and dark back ground that gives you great feeling during play. So in this genre, it deserves 9 out of 10.
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[Colorful] BatteryLife

Posted at 10:50 am February 22, 2014
[Colorful] BatteryLife Nothing is more frustrating than when you are trying to make an important call or take life special moment picture, and find that your battery has just drained. Mostly, people avoid browsing the net, play games, watching videos, and updating their status from mobile phone while in travelling to save their battery life for a long time. There are numerous tips and tricks that you can use to increase your battery life…However, it is also important for people to know about the functions that drain your battery life faster. Knowing and understanding an actual running time of your battery, you can manage your battery life in better way. It is little difficult to get exact information regarding actual battery run-time on different function. If you are BADA users, then it becomes so easier with [Colorful] BatteryLife application. It gives information about how much time your phone battery will run on different modes like audio, video, talk-time, standby, 3G, etc. It will help managing battery life in better way. It also gives graphic information on battery run time. Continue Reading »

250+ Solitaire Collection

Posted at 12:25 pm December 20, 2013
250+ Solitaire CollectionSamsung has stopped the production of device with the Bada OS. But still, it cares about Bada user that’s why it launched applications time to time for them. And now, it has launched one new application “250+ Solitaire Collection”, where it has offered collection of favorite solitaire games including Freecell, Klondike, Canfield, and lots of other original games. Each game has their own rules and descriptions and all are explained very clearly, so anyone can play it easily. It’s really well done application, loaded with lots of games so you can make your favorite game list separately. It is free application, so people will face little problem with advertisement that will be displayed on upper side of the page. Continue Reading »

Virtual Wallet

Posted at 12:58 pm August 17, 2013
Virtual WalletEvery month, people face big tension that how to manage income and expenditure? Now, managing income and expenditure is become so easy with online tools and several mobile apps. There is a good news for Bada users that they can lighten the load of their actual wallet and hold everything safely and protected in their mobile phone by using “Virtual Wallet”, a universal tool for proper management of your incomes and expenditures. It is finance app that allows users to create virtual wallet for personal, business, spouse, etc. It is a canny way to manage both income and expenditures with simple and intuitive interface. Virtual wallet is completely new approach that is created to make life easier and change the way you spend, save and grow your money.
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Download Paid Apps of Samsung Wave II for Free [Limited Time]

Posted at 5:14 am August 12, 2013
Download Paid Apps of Samsung Wave II for Free [Limited Time]No doubt that Free downloads dominate the app market, because many of the best apps are avoided by people just because of their price factor. With paid apps, company gives good features and services, though more than 90% of people select only free apps. Due to the high demand of free apps, Samsung has offered several high paid Bada apps at free of cost for limited time. It’s really good news for users of Samsung Wave II as here we have enlisted Bada apps that are available free for limited period. Continue Reading »

Top 8 Samsung Bada Guitar Apps

Posted at 6:40 am July 25, 2013
Top 8 Samsung Bada Guitar AppsHey guitar lovers, here are some of the best Samsung Bada guitar apps. These are specially made for the entire guitarists as here users can find some of the beast tuners. As it is not possible for the guitarist to carry guitar everywhere, so these apps can actually fill that gap of your guitar. So in this world of technology, now you can carry your guitar everywhere as you can carry Samsung Bada Guitar Apps everywhere. So install the following apps, and your guitar will be with you everywhere. 1. Harmony Guitar Here again a great app for Samsung Bada users. Select the code that you want from the code list and when it is selected you can push the code, guide and hear the code in advance. If you want to get the code in a blank slot, for that you just have to drag it. This app is very easy to use, so now your favorite tunes are just a click away. Its FREE PLAY let you to perform whatever you want to play. It has around 10.48MB size and requires Bada 2. To download Harmony Guitar for bada visit 2. Guitar Tuner Continue Reading »

How to Download offline Map in Bada? Tips and Tricks for Bada Map & GPS

Posted at 8:12 am July 19, 2013
How to Download offline Map in Bada? Tips and Tricks for Bada Map & GPSMap is very useful tool that we often use in our daily life for navigating new hiking trails, or searching specific landmark, shopping centre or street name in an unknown town or city. Map contains lots of useful information that makes our searching easier and faster. It also helps us to know the distance that’s why we know how far away one thing is from another. In this digital age, downloading and searching map has become so easy through online sources and internet connected devices like mobile phone, laptop, PC, etc. But if you are user of Samsung BADA mobile phone, then you don’t need to make a trip at stationary store or visit any website to obtain any country map, because BADA mobile comes with in-built navigation functionality that allows users to download offline map with internet connection facility. You can use both Wi-Fi and GPRS in mobile to connect to the internet. Offline map is the facility by which you can view a map even when you are not connected to the internet. The interface of this functionality is very simple and user-friendly. Here you can download all over the world maps. For more simplicity, it has divided maps into continents – Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Navigation functionality is available in all Bada phones with little different steps. Here we have explained the example of Samsung Wave II. Continue Reading »

How to block company calls in Samsung Bada?

Posted at 9:57 am July 15, 2013
How to block company calls in Samsung Bada?Unwanted call irritates people when they are busy in some important work or in deep sleep. Most modern smartphones have special control features. Now, Bada users can also create reject list of unwanted call. Setting call restriction, you will not get any calls from block listed number until you change the setting back to normal. Now, you can make your Bada phone free from unwanted sales & marketing calls, malicious calls, stop unwanted texts and texts to speech call by using in-built auto reject feature. No need of downloading any application to block calls on bada. You just need to follow below steps to block company call in Samsung bada. Auto reject feature is supported in all bada phones, so give at least one try. Steps to stop unwanted call in BADA phone: To take advantage of auto reject feature, open setting menu. In this you can set many features of the phone, but you have to open call setting for auto reject feature. Continue Reading »

Gismeteo: A Weather apps for Bada

Posted at 1:10 pm July 2, 2013
Gismeteo: A Weather apps for BadaThere’s no shortage of weather apps in the android market but there are lots of limits for bada. But it’s a time of bada user to cheer up, as they can get now weather forecast straight on their mobile phone by downloading Gismeteo apps. The standout features of the application is its elegant user interface that displays weather details relating to selected region together with geomagnetic storm and other alerts. Using this application, bada user can access the current weather around the world like temperature, wind, air pressure, etc. For different location, you can set custom background with Gismeteo. Not for one or two days; it gives weather forecast for 7 days and detailed forecast for 48 hours. No need to spend any dollar for this app, as it is completely free for bada.
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Baseball game for Bada

Posted at 5:42 am June 27, 2013
Baseball game for BadaIt’s a time for Bada users to download and install new game in their application library. Baseball is the latest game for Bada users to get experience of baseball pitch on their mobile device. If you enjoy cricket game on your mobile, then you will definitely enjoy it. The whole game is structured with several simple and difficult levels. Players just need to solve levels carefully to improve their batting. Each level of the game is set with different tasks to complete to proceed. You just need to complete levels carefully to improve your batting. The process of the game is little slow, that’s why it takes little time for loading. For playing a game, first you have to select player and team for batting. It takes little time to turn from one page to another. Sometimes touchpad of the mobile device not works properly. To play game carefully, you have to concentrate on ball to hit carefully and make score. For every two fire ball, you can earn 500 points and for Meteor ball earn 10000 points.
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